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I was reading random blogs on the internet when I came across this quote.  “Write to save yourself and someday you’ll write because you’ve been saved.”  Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces.   When I started my blog, I was in a horrible place.  The world had disappointed me, and I had disappointed me.  I was so lost and depressed that I scared myself.  I honestly don’t know what provoked me to look into blogging but I knew that if I didn’t get those feelings out in one way or another the future wouldn’t look good.

When I started writing, I wrote with the utmost truth to my words.  It wasn’t about being brave, but more about being honest with myself and having a safety net of anonymity in the people who would read what I had to say.  After a couple of blogs I started to feel as though I was throwing up all of the thoughts that had been buried for so long.  I couldn’t sleep or do mindless chores without a million thoughts cramming in my brain begging to be released onto a page to be read.

I was recently talking with my husband about the experience of writing a blog.  It has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  Every time I write, I come away from the experience as though I just finished a very successful therapy session.  I feel lighter and more tuned in to my feelings.  I have a much better understanding of what I want, where I want to go and how I might get there.

The bonus of this experience has been that I found out I love writing in a way that nothing else has matched.  I have had wonderful comments from people, and feel a kind of loving support surrounding me.  I love this quote that I stumbled across!  As I have begun to heal myself, I have reached out to others on the verge of the same experience as me and I am offering my support and love to them.

The future now excites me.  The possibilities are endless, and I have learned something that I will pass down to my children to help them on their journey.


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Wendy McCance

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28 thoughts on “This Quote is Pure Genius !!!

  1. I relate well to the comments, especially the one that says not only I love to write, but I MUST write. An experience I had the other day may yield some positive result: I suddenly realised that not only was I trying hard, I was trying TOO hard. So I repented and said in my mind that I would not try so hard, I’d just ALLOW THE RIGHT THOUGHTS TO OCCUR, allow them, not to force them. And realised again, that Bach Flower Remedies Rock Water can work on that problem, too. A short while later, things came back to normal. A friend told myself: stop forcing yourself, you will find a better way: and it was: ALLOW yourself, don’t force, don’t bully yourself, don’t pressure yourself, just let it happen the way God Wills.

    • Hi Sherry, What a great compliment, thank you.  I love that you got so much out of your blog.  Congrats on the book, that’s incredible.  Please let me know of the title so that you can get some press on my blog. :)


    • That’s how I feel too.  Thankfully, I get so much out of writing that it’s a great feeling to feel this passionate about something.


  2. Thank you for sharing this quote. I was working through a book by Holly Lisle, and the thought occurred to me that the worst thing that could happen if I did not write was that I would die. Sudden clarity. Sudden reorganization of priorities.

    Writing is like breathing, It is so necessary to my life.

    • It’s always so nice to hear from people that feel the same way about writing.   I’m so happy that you get a lot out of the writing experience as well.


  3. It is so true Writing is such a wonderful outlet. When I was sick in hospital the only thing that got me through it (other than my faith in God) was my ability to write down my feelings, dreams, the arguments in my head and sometimes it came in prose, poetry or a short story. Whichever form it came in, it spurred me on to get better. I have such a passion for writing now I am trying hard to finish stories, so I can have them published.

  4. I think it’s lovely that your blog writing has made such a difference in your life. Much like “talk therapy” it sounds as though by expressing your unburied thoughts through your writing you were able to release ideas and feelings that were blocking your way toward self-progress.

    Good for you! Sounds like you saved yourself a small fortune in psychiatry bills!! I, too, am going to start following your progress through your blog posts. You’re on an adventure. :)

    Kay in Hawaii

  5. Beautiful. I’ve been writing as well, as a form of my connecting with spirit. This morning I was looking back at the insights and lessons… such simple things, and yet I was banging my head against the wall resisting those simple ways of being…. living in love, watching my thoughts and only thinking positive thoughts. It’s taken me hearing the same messages over and over again from many different sources for me to finally get the importance of this… and you know what? Now, life is becoming so beautiful and graceful and fun :)

    Thanks for sharing… and listening 😉

    • Hi Jennifer, I’ve had that same experience.  I think that so much of our lives are lived in such a different way that it becomes a habit.  It’s hard to change thought patterns and ways of going about your life differently than what you are used to.  Thankfully if you stay open to change, there are many messages that pop up along the way to keep you on track.  Thanks so much for your comment.


  6. Really nice article I enjoyed it. I think most writers have the same feeling - they are compelled to get their articles out, and onto a page!

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