Pricing Chart

Pricing Chart for 2017

*Please note:  Prices are estimates only.  Research, meetings etc… could be tacked on to the fee.  Any additional charges are discussed in advance before an assignment begins.

300-500 word article (with one rough draft) $65.00

501-1,000 word article (with one rough draft) $85.00

Press release $135.00 (Writing the paper only. Sending out the press release is up to the company).

Sell Sheet $225.00 per side

Brochure/Flyer- $225.00 per page/side

Newsletter - $300.00 and up depending on length and complexity

Meetings/Conference Calls/Consultations- $50.00 per hour

Internet Research- $35.00 per hour

Basic Website Audit- $75.00 per page
Includes review of social icons, use of SEO, links, spelling errors, page flow, site search, content   *note: URL structure and HTML code are not included

Web page content: Bio’s, About, FAQ etc… $75.00 - $300.00 per page based on length and if the content is new or a rewrite

Creating or polishing up a LinkedIn profile-$200.00 - $400.00
Includes background, experience, volunteer work, causes, groups, contact information, education.

Facebook page management- $30.00 per day
Daily social profile management includes: A daily post with image, link or both. Blog or website promotion. List creation (liking other relevant pages) Reputation monitoring. Comment moderation:  all comments by readers will be answered.

Twitter account management-$35.00 per day
Daily social profile management includes: A daily tweet with image, link or both. Keeping your list of followers clean from spam. Following others who are relevant to your account. Blog or website promotion. Reputation monitoring. Comment moderation:  comments are answered and people thanked for retweets and for following. List creation. Relevant retweets.

Google+ account management-$30.00 per day
Daily social profile management includes: A relevant link, share or company comment. Blog or website promotion. Reputation monitoring.  Comment moderation: all comments by readers will be answered. Sign up to follow people who are relevant to your account.

Pinterest- $35.00 per day
Daily social media management includes: Polishing profile. Creating boards, adding pins, following relevant pinners.

Online Image Consulting - $125.00 per hour
Learn how to flood the web with your name and company information. If you cannot be found on the web, or if there is little information about you or your business, you are not relevant in a customer’s eyes. Stop losing business. Learn how to be thought of as a leader in your field and an expert at what you do.

Advertising is expensive and only has an impact for a short span of time. Information placed on the web lasts a lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather put some time into getting your name out on the internet if it means that advertising your business will always be there?

30 Day Social Media Template - $750.00
Turn your social media presence around in 4 weeks. Learn how to rank high in search results, get your name flooded on the web and be seen as an established business with a good reputation. For an example of the type of information you will be given to work on over 4 weeks, go to: Secrets of New Business Success

Individualized plans available. Contact: [email protected] with information about what you are looking for and we will give you a price quote.


*Please note that internet research may need to be done depending on the topic written.  Research is an additional fee.  If research will be done, you will be made aware of it before you are quoted a fee.

*Payments are to be made through PayPal unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

*Social media management plans require that monthly services be paid in advance.

For more information or to hire us, give us a call at: (248) 792-9901 or email us at: [email protected]

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