The Mega Millions Lottery, I Could Win!!

Phat Wad, Break me off some

Article by Wendy McCance

There is so much hype about the lottery that I figured it would be the perfect subject for today’s post.  I have to admit, I rarely play any lottery game.  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve played a dollar scratch off ticket.  Usually I would win $2.00, enough to try my luck again.

I have never bought a true lottery ticket such as the Mega Millions type of ticket.  For whatever reason this week I could not resist.  I was going to play it for the first drawing, but just never got around to buying the ticket.  When the drawing took place and no one won, I swear in my head I instantly thought, but of course not, I never stopped and bought a ticket!  The voice in my head kept insisting I play.  So I tortured myself for a while.  What  store should I choose?  Doesn’t the winner always buy their ticket from a cute little party store or gas station?  How much should I put down?  I swear I fought with my brain because it kept saying spend $50.00.  I knew if I spent that much on lottery tickets, my husband would not be pleased.  Around and around this went all day and I still didn’t buy a ticket.  I dragged my feet and kept questioning how smart it would be to try.

You know what they say, you can’t win unless you play.  Well, I wanted to at least have tried to win.  That night my husband came home and I told him how I was terrorizing myself to buy a ticket.  He thought I should just go out and get one.  Still I dragged my feet.  Later, after dinner, my daughter mentioned that she had signed up to bring in plastic silverware for one of her classes that was having a party the next day.   She was sorry for the late notice, but could I please go out and pick some up for her.

I got on my jacket and went to the local CVS.  I started thinking about the lottery ticket.  Should I finally just get it over with and buy one?  Does anyone ever win at a CVS?  So I made a deal with myself, I would use the $5.00 I found in my purse and buy a $5.00 scratch off ticket.  If I won, I would buy $50.00′s in lottery tickets.  While in line I saw a sign behind the cash register that said that their store had a $10,000 winner off of the lottery.  Well, that gave me hope that a CVS could produce a winner in a game this big.   I went up to the counter to pay for the plastic silverware and asked for a $5.00 lottery ticket (meaning a $5.00 scratch off ticket).  The clerk turned, walked off and came back with a Mega Millions ticket.  I was stunned.  She had gotten me an easy pick with 5 different combinations on it.  I was about to tell her a mistake had been made, but decided maybe it was fate.

The whole drive home, I kept replaying in my head the whole process.  I saw a sign saying that yes, there had been someone very lucky from their store.  I wanted a scratch off ticket, but got the ticket that had been bugging me all day instead.  Was this fate?  Weirder things have happened.

I have decided to have faith and enjoy the ride.  If I win, there are many people in my family that I would want to take care of.  I know too many people who have been having a really rough time recently.  I would also put a good chunk aside for my kids futures.  The last thing I would do is take some solid vacation time with my family.  We’ve only ever done one family vacation and it was up north to a beach town for a few days.  I have always regretted not having enough money to take them on a real vacation.  I want them to see some historical sites like Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore.  Disney World would be on the list as well as England to visit some relatives the kids have never met.

Wish me luck, and if you are playing this lottery, I wish you luck as well (even though that might seem counter-productive).

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Wendy McCance

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9 thoughts on “The Mega Millions Lottery, I Could Win!!

  1. I know the drawing has taken place already but I don’t know what the numbers were or if they reported that there were winners or not. So, I can still think positive thoughts for you :)
    I don’t think I would have gotten one on my own. Like you, I was contemplating it … all week!!
    But the decision was made for me today when a group of coworkers began walking around collecting money to make a try together. It was figured that my share would be $50 million if we won. And yes, there were discussions all day long about the ‘what if’s’
    I would have to see … even though the odds are against us, it’s nice to dream.

  2. I wish you luck! Don’t know if you read my post earlier this week, but my friend bought me a Mega Millions for Tuesday’s drawing. Obviously I didn’t win, but thinking about how I would use the money led to a new level of inspiration for me. I wish you inspiration, whether or not you win!

  3. My husband got one yesterday and we were talking about it, what we would do if we won a portion of it and decided a vacation, but that seems to be everyone’s dream having watched the news. They all say the same “Quit work and go on vacation!” :)

    • I think people these days are just so busy and stressed.  They usually take care of themselves last.  Somehow knowing you will be taken care of for a long time seems to give you permission to finally take care of yourself.


  4. We were discussing the lottery at our house last night as well. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve purchased a lottery ticket, but I plan on getting one today. I love driving down the highway imagining all the things I would do if I ever won…and then I always say to myself, “Self, you can’t win if you don’t buy one!” LOL

  5. We have no lottery here in Hawaii. We have no gambling of any kind. It’s what we locals call “Missionary Mentality.” We’re just too pure and good for gambling. This from a state where over 25% of the entire population of the state goes to Las Vegas every year. That’s one person in four at least once EVERY YEAR. People from Hawaii like to gamble in Las Vegas so much, there are two hotels devoted entirely to Hawaiians. Seriously. You can go to the California Hotel & Casino or the Fremont Hotel & Casino and have a complete Hawaiian vacation (but with slot machines). You get Spam musubi, lau lau and poi in the restaurants; hear Robi Kahakalau singing in the lounge; and the whole staff wears aloha shirts 24/7.

    I wish we did have a lottery in Hawaii. I buy lottery tickets in New York and Chicago whenever I am in town. It’s a sad state of affairs when the lottery is your only “realistic” retirement plan. Bummer!

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