The Gift of the Written Word

Nature's Gift

Article by Wendy McCance

I have shared well over 200 posts on this blog.  In each post that I write, I put down whatever it is that is currently on my mind.  Sometimes I end up writing a thought-provoking personal story that gets a good round of discussion going.  Other times, I write about a good experience or feeling I had.  Not much to those posts other than it being a feel-good post about where my head is at on that given day.

The posts I am most proud of are the ones that provide an opportunity to start a discussion.  Whether you agree or not with a given topic, I have seen time and time again where a topic has helped to heal a small part in someone going through a similar situation.

I feel that writing can be an extraordinary gift.  An opportunity for someone looking for answers to know they are not alone.  Being able to express how I managed to get through a bad experience or how an experience gave me so much strength is an incredible gift to pass along to others searching for some comfort and a possible answer as to where to turn next.

As the year is winding down and thoughts of good will are shared around the world, I encourage you to show a little vulnerability.  Everyone has a vulnerable side that they are so protective of.  The blessing of having such a side is when it is shared with others.  Each person has moments of hardship.  Some get through bad times easier than others.  Everyone is able to manage bad moments more efficiently knowing there are people out there who understand.  They have been there, they care and want to help.

I hope by exposing my vulnerable side in this blog that I am able to do just that.  Let you know that I have been there, I care and that if I can provide some comfort through my words, I want to help.

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Wendy McCance

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