The Comfort of Fall

Fall Sampler

Article by Wendy McCance

The kids are back in school, the weather has cooled down quite a bit, and football season is here.  Yep, it’s fall.  I love this time of year.  I’m not sure what it is about the fall, but my cozy gene goes into high gear.

This is the time of year when I pull out some snuggly blankets and put them on the sofas for curling up.  There is a steady supply of tea, cocoa and biscotti for an evening treat while the family watches a little tv.  Football game days have me cooking up a storm in the kitchen while my husband and son watch the game.  These are the days that I will cook up some chili, roast or make a lasagna.  Anything that takes a while to cook and warms up the home with a good smell is fair game.

Cookies are baked, board games are played and books are read (especially at bedtime). Lounging in pj’s on a Sunday morning with the newspaper and a stack of pancakes are common.  My favorite thing to do this time of year is to have a big Sunday meal.  There is something about winding up the weekend with a hearty home cooked dinner that gives the family that last moment to relax and enjoy some free time before the busyness of the week begins again.

Wendy McCance

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6 thoughts on “The Comfort of Fall

  1. It’s still hot down here, but I love the way you make it sound up there. I’m assuming you more north than Ga. LOL. When the mornings begin to cool off, the afternoons stay warm until a cold front or Oct. When I was small, Oct. was my favorite month because it use to be cooler (in my memory) and we ran all around the neighborhood for Halloween. Can’t do that now days, but when it finally does get cool, I love the fireplace, soft blankets and hot chocolate… Maybe I need to go north for a short vacation… : D

  2. I was just feeling my ‘fall’ response this morning as the early light broke through the trees, so much softer than the summer light and lower in the sky. When I was a child autumn was my favorite season because of the colors; now that I am older, I treasure the leaves spinning in the air, the feel of the trees slipping into somnolence. I, too, love the quiet calling to curl up and get cozy…the fall seems to be the best time of the year for that, a reprieve after summer’s assault sun.
    And then there are the colors. Still. The colors. Driving through the hills will soon become an exercise in focus: road - trees - road - trees. Whenever possible, I want the passenger seat so that I can soak it all in. And when that late afternoon light filters through the heavier atmosphere of early evening and warms the reds and yellows and oranges, it’s as if the whole outdoors has become my private fireplace and I lose myself in foliage flames.

    • Such a lovely response. It just occurred to me while reading your response, the season makes me feel like a kid again. The crunching leaves, getting back to school and excitement over the holidays ahead is what does it I think.

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