What is Your Favorite Way to Unwind?

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Article by Wendy McCance

I have been fairly busy recently.  I am in the midst of learning the ropes at the real estate office. Between the days at work and the nights reviewing paperwork, setting up profiles and connecting with a few people who are looking to buy a home, my free time has been sparse.

When I have a free moment of I tend to go right to my blog to write a post.  As I was thinking about what I would write about today, I began to think of how I use my free time.  I mean those moments where there isn’t a ton of time, but you are looking to decompress a little.  What was it that I would do when I got some down time?

The first place I tend to go to is my computer.  All of those years I swore I’d never use one and then slowly gave in to the changes in the world.  Now I’m an addict.  I have a crazy pattern whenever I turn my computer on.  I check my mail (2 different accounts), one for family and one for business.  Then I go to my blogs.  I answer comments, write a post, check my stats and check out new followers blogs.  On to Facebook and Twitter to see what has been newly posted.  Then I go to the Yahoo front page to read the latest stories that were posted.  Finally if there is still time, I land on Bravo, A and E, VH1 or MTV to watch a reality show (yes, I’m one of those people).  If I somehow manage to avoid the computer I will clean (which I’m sure most people would think is odd), read a magazine, read a book (if I really have a decent chunk of time) or go for a bike ride (ah nature, nothing like getting out and breathing some fresh air).

It’s incredible, but I noticed there is no mention of connecting with people.  My job is social and my life is busy with 3 children and a husband who tend to keep me on my toes and out and about in the world.  My down time is my time.  I tend to enjoy my own company best.  The way I really feel reenergize is when I can do something that is utterly me.  I relish some time where it’s very quiet and I can truly hear my thoughts.  I enjoy a little hibernation from the world every now and then.

My question to you is what do you enjoy doing when you have some time to unwind?  Do you typically have a particular thing you do, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?  I’m not talking about a day off, but rather an hour or two.  I look forward to reading what you find is the best way to decompress. :)


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Wendy McCance

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16 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Way to Unwind?

  1. Humm… Let me think. I love to walk. It helps me clear out the day, sweep out the cobwebs in my brain and refresh me. It’s funny how that works. I power walk, get tried and sweaty and it refreshes me. :)

  2. I find the best way to really unwind is to go to a favourite place. Back in Norway my family have a summer house out on an island group in the Atlantic and we have cabin inland close to the mountains. From there I had a couple of fishing spots I used to walk to alone. Not just to fish, I did not care if a got a fish or not, but I could for some hour just let my thoughts, dreams get the freedom they need without being interrupted. I have now moved to Australia and away from my favourite places, but I do some times finding it very good to just go outside and find a quiet place in a park or on a walkway. And just sit down and let the mind gets it freedom, for me to relax is to let my mind have the freedom to dream and to philosophize.

    • That sounds incredible. I used to do a lot of fishing when I was younger. I was like you and loved it for the peacefulness and the beauty of my surroundings. If I got a fish, it was a bonus. :)

  3. To be honest, computers are now the big temptation! But, speaking to my loved ones, walking around in a big park, getting into the tub, listeng to some conference… having a glass of wine… wow…! when we analyze how many great things there are… we would like to erase from all dictionaries the word “bored”… Best luck!

  4. If I have nothing to do such as checking emails or blogging I like to sit back put my feet up and watch some telly………….or sometimes I just like to turn everything off and do nothing and just enjoy the quiet…………….My husband never thought he would use a computer much but since he bought himself a laptop he will sit and do something at the computer most days of the week…….lol
    Funny how we come to rely on the computer so much I feel strange if I don’t spend some time online blogging I like to check in with my online friends and find out what they are doing.

  5. first thing I do is go to my emails …then my blog…then facebook where I get in touch with friends. Like you if I have a good block of time I read a book……and of course my music…..now that always relaxes me!

  6. Since I’m not a ‘born’ writer like you, I dont run to grab pen & paper unless I have time to focus. But I am a lover of the written word. So I read, anything I can get my hands on. I have books stacked everywhere. So if I have small little bits of time I will pick one up and ready away. Or log on and read blog after blog until I have completely run out fo time :)
    But I dont sit still for long, not my nature so perhaps I will also clean up a bit, some laundry here dishes there, a little walk about in the yard to pick up sticks & pine cones. Like you my time is ‘me’ time.
    Nice post :)

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