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I am veering off from my normal questions this week for the latest installment of, Blogger in the Spotlight.  As you will notice, today’s addition is “Author in the Spotlight” and with good reason.  My interview today is with Don Ford.  Don has been a frequent reader and commenter on my blog for quite some time now.  His comments have always been heartfelt and full of inspiring stories.  Don is a wonderful author and artist.  For this special interview, I thought that it would be great to find out about his writing career for all of you aspiring writers out there.  I have enjoyed getting to know him and I know you will too!

Hi Don, thank you for taking some time to participate in this interview.  You have had some incredible success as an author and I would love to ask you some questions about you as an author.

Do you remember the defining moment when you began writing?

Sometimes we experience difficult things in life, and we find a way to look the other way. At age of fifteen I began penning poems.  The thing that put a fire under me was the breakup of my parents.  I found writing put a positive spin on life and my attitude.

What makes for a good story?

I used to think it was the characters. In a way it is! But the way the story goes and is able to carry the reader along to the end is even more vital. I wrote a story about a conversation between an ant and a roach. By the time the story was over it brought tears to my own eyes. It still does; go figure.

What has been the worst and best moments you have experienced when submitting an article?

If I understand this question well enough, it would be when I’m told the piece is too short by an editor. Then I want to please that person, by adding the extra story embellishment, and I’m complimented by my story being published. Yahoo!

How do you keep track of all of your ideas?

Well, I’ll be honest and say I usually never leave the house without a piece of paper in my pocket and at least two pens. So, even when I’m not writing, I’m waiting for a new idea to come to mind. If I’m not prepared at all times, I could lose out on my next great piece.

I have heard that you teach writing classes.  Can you tell us a little about that?

These are adult ed classes usually at a high school or votech school. I was originally asked to teach because I had a number of stories published in magazines. The school approached me; I never went to them. The very first class went well and I even received an email from a magazine while in class, asking me to do a slight revision on my piece. So it became a class project. This is a teacher’s dream come true to have the stars all line up in this way!!!

You use your own artwork as cover art which is fascinating.  What is the process like?  Will you do artwork for others?

It was never my intention to do the artwork in the first place. I was on a writing site and a sister art site offered their artwork to help tell our stories and make our poems and other writings look good. After a while folks started leaving the art site and took the art work with them. Now writers were left with just the words and no picture. This was frustrating so I began doing my own photos and manipulating them to fit my story. Thus, my digital creations began to come to life. :-}

Because I have recently (over the last couple years) done the photo work I had not offered this as a service. Now that other writers have seen my work at art galleries and libraries, my pieces are beginning to sell. Some of it was experimental, but attracted attention, nonetheless.

I would be thrilled to work with anyone on their book, if it needs cover artwork. I’m flexible and quite reasonable.

What inspired you to write Royal Ferdinand?  

I have a passion for children, young adults, the middle class, the retirement crowd (Oldest ‘kids’)  My work is all age-appropriate.

I know you are a fan of quotes.  Could you please share a few of the quotes you have come up with?

“Welcome aboard and don’t forget to buckle your seat belt, unless your state doesn’t require it.” DGFord

“When writers try to fly their works, some of them fall down. But they must always flap their wings - to get off of the ground.” DGFord

“You can fool an adult, but don’t try to kid a kid, they see right through you.” D.G. Ford

Since you are an author, do you have any advice for someone just starting out as a writer? 

Do not think that as you start to see your first work published that you can then sit back and expect work to start heading your way.  It won’t until a good amount of folks have not only read your work, but like it, and will follow you.  That is the measure of success; the following more than the number of readers.

Here’s a little more about Don Ford:

Don has fiction as well as non-fiction stories that he has shared these stories at club events, schools and retirement communities.  He is an author that has had his work published in 62 countries.  Don is also known for his fabulous digital photography which he has used as cover art for his stories.  Don teaches the occasional “Writing For Publication” class and he has written in every genre.  Don Ford is proud of his Native American Heritage and has shared snippets of incredible wisdom in story form with a Native American flavor.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Don Ford.  Please check out some of Don’s links, they are well worth the visit!

Find one of Don Ford’s e-book stories at:

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  1. Thank you Wendy for the feature spot here.

    Anyone looking for me can find me easily at my facebook address. My books are posted at and AmazonEurope Just post my name and book title. Don Ford, Royal Ferdinand and my latest book of short stories, Don Ford, Death & Taxes
    Also Google [dgford] and numerous stories and commentary will appear.

    Where eagles fly,
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