I Love a Rainy Day


Article by Wendy McCance

I don’t know about you, but I love a good rainy day.  Give me some thunder and it’s the best day ever.  There is something about a rainy day that just feels so cozy to me.  Over the weekend it is supposed to rain and I am truly excited.

Rainy days are perfect for unwinding.  Going out and running around in the rain isn’t much fun.  Once it starts to rain, I can feel myself relax and begin to decompress as I sit in my warm, dry home.  I already have a running list of activities I want to do once the rain begins.

Rainy days are those days that I get in some good family time.  It’s the perfect day to do some cooking with the kids.  Personally I like to do the type of cooking that has to simmer most of the day.  Crock pots full of good food is the perfect complement to a day like this.  There’s just something about the smell of food cooking on a cold rainy day that really ups the comfy factor.  My husband tends to get into the spirit of a cooking day too.  There are many times that he will get out the bread machine to make a warm loaf of bread for us.

Playing a board game, reading a good book or snuggling under a soft blanket while watching a movie is a great way to enjoy a rainy day.  There’s nothing like the whole family camping out on our sofa, blankets strewn all over and a good movie playing on the television.

The kids have really gotten into the spirit of a rainy day as they have gotten older.  Many times they make a day like this into a pajama day.  Tea or cocoa is made and freshly baked cookies are eaten.  It’s great to see the kids unwind and relax.  These are the days that are truly memorable to our family.  The world slows down and we get an opportunity to really enjoy each others company.

The rain will be here soon.  I think I will pull out some cookbooks and start to contemplate what I would like to cook for the family today.  Hope you have a good weekend. :)

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Wendy McCance

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2 thoughts on “I Love a Rainy Day

  1. Sounds good as long as there is no storm (tornado) that comes with it… Since I can’t cook all that great, I’d curl up and read with my cats cuddling with me. :D Hope you did have a prosperous and relaxing weekend.

    • Thanks. I’m with you on the severe weather. I used to live in Kansas and the weather could get scary. Hope you had a great weekend as well. :)

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