The Election is Over. What Changes Would you Like to See?

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome...

Article by Wendy McCance

I think most people are glad the election is over.  It’s an intense time in our country when electing our president.  So many emotions run high.  People become divided as certain issues come up.  It’s a very personal time.  Individual experiences make for some passionate feelings about who the next president should or shouldn’t be.

I am relieved to see the election come to an end.  It doesn’t matter who I voted for or who my friends and family voted for.  The election is over.  Now is the time to focus on how this country will get back on track.

Putting the candidates aside, and just focusing on the issues our country is facing, what would you like to see change?

I am hoping the country continues to rebound.  I’d like to see more jobs become available.  It would be incredible if companies concentrated more on what a potential employee can bring to the table instead of focusing solely on a degree.  There are many talented people out there who have so much to offer an employer if just given a chance.

I hope to see an end to the multitude of foreclosed homes and short sales.  I hope the worst of the housing crisis is truly behind us.

The health care bill needs some overhauling.  Companies responding to the new health care law by cutting back on full-time employees is devastating.  Good intentions of securing health care coverage for full-time employees of companies definitely backfired.

How do you feel?  Putting your feelings of who is or isn’t the president aside and focusing on the issues at hand, what would you like to see happen to improve our country?

Note:  Please don’t mention who you did vote for or how you feel about either one of the presidential candidates.  I won’t be able to approve comments that will rile people up over the outcome of the election.  Thank you.

Wendy McCance

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13 thoughts on “The Election is Over. What Changes Would you Like to See?

  1. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed and … stressed/upset/pessimistic/fed up with all of the bickering that picks up during campaign season, but the change I’d most like to see is everyone (political parties, specific politicians, citizens) getting along. We don’t all have to agree on issues, but if you’re going to disagree with someone, can you please do it civilly? We don’t all need to yell and call each other names; we can act like *adults* and listen to the other side’s thinking. I don’t need to question your love for our country or whether you’re “God-fearing” or whether you’re a “Communist” just because I don’t agree with you on taxes or abortion or gay rights or all of the other things that people tend to disagree on so adamantly. Can’t we just be nice while we politely disagree and calmly talk about things? Please?

  2. In addition to everything already mentioned (same sex marriages, marijuana legalization, of course hemp being legal here would be wonderful, and paying down the debt) I would like to add my wishes. First stem cell research needs to be restored. There are so many illnesses that could be helped by this research including my own disability. Ending and not starting any new wars/conflicts. Taking care of our citizens such as making sure everyone has a roof over their head and food to eat before supporting other countries. And while becoming a protectionist country would never work again now, we need to return to creating something here. So I agree, Made in the USA is the only way to restore the economy.

  3. I simply hope that since Congress will remain hopelessly divided, the POTUS will stop being “Mr. Nice Guy” and just put his foot down with regards to healthcare (there should have been a public option); marijuana (the “Reefer Madness” madness generation needs to buy a clue… NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA and hemp will go a long way to decreasing global warming because less trees will be cut down); marriage equality (who you love is who you should be able to marry. PERIOD.)

  4. I would love to see more products with the words “Made in the USA” on them. Let’s bring those jobs back. How many jobs can be created if we do that? People are going Christmas shopping now. Look for those words on your products. Create jobs for a couple of people.
    Let’s do a price match. For every dollar that was spent on negative ad campaigning, price match that and pay down some of our debt. I’ll bet between those two, the next four years will look pretty good. (The second statement, btw, was a light-hearted one/joke. Although, wouldn’t that be great?)



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