How to Use Jealousy as a Powerful Tool Towards Your Happiness

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Article by Wendy McCance

Okay, let me just start by saying that jealousy might be too strong a word.  Maybe I should be using the word envious which isn’t as severe.  I like using the word jealousy only because if you can make something as toxic as jealousy work for you, then you are golden.

When we become jealous, it overwhelms us.  We might be jealous of a persons looks, job, family life, husband/wife or good fortune.  Jealousy is a powerful emotion  that is concentrated only on what others have.  If you were to stop and listen to your feelings, you would realize that it is an important clue into what you feel is missing in your own life.

Do you envy someone’s career?  What might be lacking from your own career?  Do you wish you had a more devoted mate?  What is going wrong in your own relationship?  If you can stop the power of jealousy and ask yourself what is missing in my own life you can put yourself on track to change.

The strongest most successful people can rein in their jealousy.  Maybe you get a bit angry with yourself by focusing so much on others and their achievements.  What would happen if you took the knowledge the jealous feelings give you and put a plan together on how to get what others have?

When you are jealous of someone’s job for example, it’s a red flag that something might be off in your own career.  Give it a thorough examination and honestly look at what piece is missing.  Then go about fixing what is off.  Maybe you need a different type of job or aren’t giving your job the attention it needs to succeed.

By reining in your feelings of jealousy, you can put yourself on a path towards unlimited success.  Just listen to your feelings of inadequacy and use it as a motivational tool to give yourself all that you feel is missing from your life.

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Wendy McCance

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  1. In this sense of the word jealousy being used in relationship to success, it would be great if those who are jealous and envious of others success, would find better use of their energy to find their own career, or something that is productive that would allow them to redirect their negative thoughts off another individual (s). I like your article.

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