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Article by Wendy McCance

I have been so touched by the community of bloggers who really wrap their arms around you and accept you into this community of writers.  I have been writing this blog now since February of 2012.

Along the way, I have heard from some faithful readers who I really feel have become friends.  True, these are people I have never met.  I feel this is the new generation of the idea of a pen pal.  Incredibly, I feel that I know some of these people better than I know some people I interact with on a daily basis.  It’s amazing what you learn about others when you write with your heart and expose your soul.  I admire the bravery of these people in exposing their heart and soul right back to me.

In resent weeks, I have been nominated for a few awards.  Instead of the traditional way of accepting these awards, I would like to mention some very special people and some blogs I know would thrill you to check out.


Lois over at Simply Living Free is entering the second phase of her life.  With children and grandchildren, she discusses living without the clutter of so many things that accumulate in the house.  She has an amazing open spirit and a need to make the most out of her incredible life.

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Susan has been a dear person to know through the blogging community.  She has been a follower of this blog for longer than I can remember.  She has incredible talent and demonstrates it continuously in her writing and artwork.  She is also an incredible storyteller.  Her posts are so relateable that you feel like you’ve always known her.  The second link is a great interview she did that you might want to check out.


If you are looking for a heartfelt blog, look no further.  Keli puts so much passion into her blog.  I have read many posts and was left in deep thought over what she has posted.  Keli is incredibly caring and it shines through brightly in her blog.


I love this blog.  When you read Joanne’s posts, you feel like you are family.  The stories are great and so are the photos.  Take a peek, I know you will enjoy this blog very much.


I love Pat’s blog.  Her writing style is simply magical.  She is that talented writer that can create a visual experience of whatever she is writing about.  I find her posts to be extremely enjoyable and I am left wanting to read more.


This is a must read for anyone who wishes to pursue a writing career.  Sandra is a very talented writer who generously shares her wisdom about writing on her blog.  She has created a publishing company and has a book she has written all about her craft.  Check out the snow falling on her blog.  It’s creative and fun just like her.


Crystal has a wise blog full of thoughtful feelings and inspiring thoughts.  She is not only a gifted writer, but an energy healer.  If you are looking to live a more joyful life, you should check out her blog.  Crystal has a wonderful way of weaving the written word into a thought provoking article.

To all who stop by and take a look at my blog, thank you so much for the kind words, support and friendship.  I am continuously amazed at the incredible people I have gotten to know.  All the best. :)

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance is a Michigan based freelance writer and social media consultant. Wendy has gained attention as the founder of the popular blog Searching for the Happiness which can be viewed in 6 local papers online, including the Oakland Press.The combination of writing skills and social media knowledge is what makes Wendy such a powerhouse to work with. Stay tuned for opportunities to advertise, guest post and as always, have your questions answered.

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19 thoughts on “Incredible People and Their Blogs

  1. Hi,

    I just joined your group and would love it if my blog/and book could be featured on your site; “It’s all in Your Head.” It’s my memoir that tells the story of what I went through after being diagnosed with a rare brain condition known as a Posterior Fossa Arachnoid Cyst - a brain cyst, which mine is very larger as well as drs. denied me treatment at one point, which caused my shunt to over drain and my brain feel and my brain stem fell into my spine, known as a Chiari Malformation. I am always looking for avenues to get the awareness out, of these rare brain conditions as well as for doctors to listen to their patients. Would you please contact me about it? I am a freelance writer as well and would love to write a piece for your site.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Maria,
      Just follow the directions on the Guest Post page and send it over. I’ll take a look and if I think it ties in with the theme of this blog, I’ll let you know.

      Thanks so much.

  2. sounds like you have had a great year and made a fantastic impact. This is great motivation for new bloggers like me. Keep it up

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  6. Thank you so much Wendy for including me! You have always been so thoughtful and real. :D I wasn’t able to find the first two links, don’t know if it was just me or if they changed their site. I’ll be sure to try to visit everyone. This is such a thoughtful way to resolve the Awards issues… :D

  7. Thank you Wendy - I’m honored to be mentioned here and included among these wonderful writers. I feel I’ve gotten to know you more through your stories and challenges and have been inspired by your strength and courage.

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