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I just read a terrific article that everyone who blogs can relate to.  The article is called, What Kind of Blogger are you?  7 Different Blogger Types Explained and is written at Zemanta.com.

If you have an opportunity, go check it out.  I promise you will enjoy the article quite a bit.  http://www.zemanta.com/blog/seven-different-blogger-types/

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8 thoughts on “I Highly Recommend this Article

  1. Interesting post, but I would need to think about what I fit into the most..not that the point of the article was for the reader to conform to one of the groups, but it’s still interesting to do so.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the article defining the type of blogger one might be. I didn’t see anything specific to me but was able to identify with some of the aspects on four of the choices. It was a fun read and thank you for providing the link to it. Richard Myers

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