How Water Can Help Improve Your Mood

Article by Laura Tilley
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Everyone feels the blahs occasionally, but shaking off that dragged down feeling may be for some as simple as drinking more water. I was surprised at how many of the little things that got me down from day to day were improved in this way.

Here are a few of the types of things I was experiencing:


Lots of people think of dehydration as a dramatic medical condition, suffered only by people living in the desert. However, the fact is that low grade dehydration is a fairly common affliction. Beverages like coffee and fizzy drinks can have a diuretic effect, which can cause you to lose more water than you get from them. Low grade dehydration can cause feelings of fatigue, and make it harder to concentrate. I was amazed how much faster and clearer I thought when I started drinking more water!

Looking tired all the time!

We’ve all been told that not having enough water can make your hair dull and lifeless, and can cause your skin to appear drab, and wrinkled but I never actually believed this completely until I started to drink more water. The improvement I saw when from upping my water intake was astounding. After just a few days, my skin began to glow a bit more, and after about two weeks, my hair was definitely shinier. This was a huge ego boost, and absolutely lifted my mood. Recently I invested in a domestic water filter  for my home and it has made getting the water I need much easier, and the water is chilled so tastes great.

Prevent Digestive Problems

Most people I know have that icky stomach feeling from time to time. I used to get it almost every morning. I would wake up feeling fed up as I started another day feeling uncomfortable and then as a result couldn’t eat breakfast. I was surprised after drinking more water to find that that this feeling could go away. Something I always thought of as a part of getting older was totally avoidable. The water helps your body to pass waste, and getting that stuff out of your system really makes your digestion smoother.

Chase Away Aches and Pains

At the end of my day, I have stiff and achy joints. Who doesn’t? I was surprised that increasing how much water I drank gave me more stamina, with less of the bad after effects. Drinking more water helps your joints stay better lubricated, and keeps your muscles working at their peak. This makes it so much easier to get through your day, and still have some energy when you have some free time in the evenings.

I personally think that a healthy balanced diet coupled by a regular intake of water can work wonders for your mood! It certainly has helped me and I hope this post helps some of you J

Drinking more water can lift your mood, give you energy and help improve your appearance and what’s best of all is it is free! If you’re experiencing minor day to day sluggishness keep your mind clear and your body functioning at its best, by drinking more water!

I also came across a useful post when writing this one that talks through water health benefits in a bit more detail and you can also visit the Natural Hydration Council for more tips and advice.


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    • I always had that problem too. For some reason I had an aversion to it. I drank a ton of tea and juice but not water. A friend told me once that many times when you eat, you are actually thirsty not hungry. Water also perks you up when you feel tired. I got into the habit of having water next to me as often as possible. It made a big difference. You tend to drink more when it’s right in front of you.

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