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Article by Wendy McCance

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have fibromyalgia and graves disease.  Ever since I was diagnosed with these conditions, I have had some strange ailments.  Mainly, I can tell how well I am doing just by looking at my skin and hair.

Before I even have other symptoms such as extreme fatigue, weight gain or loss and additional pain, my hair and skin will give me clues of what’s to come.  I have realized that when I start having these symptoms, I know a trip to the doctor is in my future.  I generally will need my medication tweaked because for whatever reason, the dosage is no longer the right amount for my system.

Recently, my hair has lost its shine and looks dried out.  I have been bruising quite a bit and I have spots on my legs and ears that look like psoriasis and won’t heal no matter what I use.  I have tried aloe straight from the plant, coconut oil, neosporin and a lotion prescribed by my dermatologist, but nothing has helped.  Desperate to correct some of these ailments, I decided to try the Master Cleanse.

The Master Cleanse sounds extreme.  You drink a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, grade A maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  The idea behind this drink is that it cleanses out your system and detoxifies your liver.  You drink 6 or more glasses of this concoction a day for 10 days with no food.  You are allowed some herbal tea, but that’s it.

My biggest concerns are that I don’t want to lose a ton of weight (you can lose up to 20 pounds) and I don’t want to feel so fatigued and sick to my stomach that I can’t go about my daily routine.  To combat this, I have altered the program to fit my needs.  Besides drinking the mixture, I can eat fruits and vegetables and have broth.  My reasoning is that I have had too much sugar and carbohydrates (bread and pasta) in my diet recently.  I truly feel addicted to both and think that having those items hasn’t done anything positive for my body.

I am also curious to see how this turns out.  I have long thought that I might have a gluten allergy because of the way I feel after eating starches.  Additionally, I have wondered if not eating starches might reduce the rashes I get from time to time.

So, I am on my second day.  I woke up earlier than I have in a very long time (7:40am) without an alarm to wake me.  I have a good amount of energy and feel better than I usually do in the mornings.  I have very little pain and feel pretty much like I used to before the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

I don’t know if this is a coincidence or truly because of what I put in my body the day before.  I am not too bloated and feel more wide awake.  The rashes still look the same, but I’m hopeful since only a day has passed.

I’m sure you are curious about what the mixture tastes like.  Believe it or not, it’s pretty good.  It tastes like freshly squeezed lemonade but has a hint of spice as an after taste.  I don’t dread drinking it.  I know if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get through the cleanse.

I’ll let you know how things turn out.  I know there are many people with health issues that are always looking for a way to curb their symptoms.  That describes me and why I am doing this perfectly, so we’ll see how it goes.

Important: I’d like to point out that I am NOT a health practitioner.  This is something I am attempting to do, but I am not advising others to try it too.  As with any change in diet, you should contact your doctor and make sure that what you are doing is a healthy choice before engaging in that activity.

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Wendy McCance

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21 thoughts on “The Master Cleanse

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  2. Hi Wendy, I too will be following your blog to see how it all turns out. I am going to ask a sensitive question, didn’t you get diahrea with the cleanse. I have heard that most cleanses give you diahrea which helps to clean the live and kidneys out as well. Also did you ask your doctor about doing this cleanse? I have Lupus SLE and RA and I take a lot of medicines every day and I would love to cleanse my system and get rid of the poisons going into my body all day, everyday, but my doctor said I shouldn’t go that long without food and that a lot of my meds you need to eat before you take them.

    • Hi Barbara, great questions. I didn’t ask my doctor. One of the reason’s I stress that others should check with their physicians before trying something like this. I also didn’t cut out all food. There were two reasons why, I didn’t want to lose a ton of weight, and I knew that no food would not be a great idea with some of the medications I take. Even so, I have lost 4 lbs so far. I have been peeing constantly, but have not pooped a ton. When I have, It’s been soft and (not to be gross) but slid out quite easily. I get constipated a lot and this was the best experience I’ve had in a long time. No stomach cramps, but a rush to get to the bathroom. Hope this helps. :)

  3. Well shoot…. Ya’ll are all making me feel bad. LOL I know I need to probably try it, but I doubt I would have enough strength right now to do all that’s required in taking care of my mom and her insurances, finances etc. I’m keeping the “secret” though so I can try it later! :D

  4. I’m really fascinated to hear how this big cleanse goes… it sounds lot easier than some I’ve
    tried fr my health issues, which they actually ddn;t resolve… I think I’ll be climbing on your bandwagon…than you so much for the information, and I look forward to following your progress…

    • Thanks. I have to admit I had a setback yesterday and ate a tiny bowl of beef stroganoff (my head is hung low as I write this). I am back to it though. I figure if I have a low moment I won’t beat myself up to badly about it. it’s as much a test of inner strength as it is of good health. Live and learn and never give up. :)

  5. Hi Wendy, I just finished the MC two days ago, after being on it for 32 days. It was my first time and I never thought that I’d make it as long as I did, but I felt so light and wonderful, I just kept going. I had so much energy that I worked out every single day (45 min exercise tapes), and I still do. My starting weight was 144 and today I weigh 121. I’ve been drinking OJ diluted with water since yesterday.

    Before this cleanse, I ate a lot of dairy, bread, salty foods, and drank alcohol at least 3x a week. I felt out of shape and unhealthy. This cleanse has helped me to reset my cravings and to commit to a new way of eating. I have spent the last month researching what “healthy” eating really means, and I have decided to eliminate dairy, gluten, and soy (thyroid issues). I dug out my “Eat Right for your Blood Type” book, and plan on sticking to the guidelines. I am type “A” and should eliminate red meat, dairy and wheat. I’ve also been putting together a bunch of healthy recipes, bought a new blender to make green smoothies, and gave away/threw out any food that isn’t beneficial to me.

    • I heard that the Eat Right for your Blood Type is an incredible book. I know someone who swears by it. I can’t believe you were able to go so long on the Master Cleanse. I have been surprised that I have as much energy as I do and no bad side effects so far from being on the cleanse. Thanks so much for your comment. :)

  6. I’ve heard of this particular cleanse but never tried it. Losing weight would be a blessing, but I haven’t known anyone who tried it which has made me wonder how I would do. I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences with the cleanse, and may try it myself. This week I took a couple of days and ate nothing but fruit to clean out the Valentines cake I had which reacted badly with my body after eliminating sugar for a while then having that cake.

    • I will definitely do a follow up. Today started out easy, but I started getting cravings while preparing food for the crock pot for dinner for the family. I’m making beef stroganoff and it looks so good. Talk about testing willpower. :)

  7. Good luck Wendy. I have found these cleanses to be very beneficial for me. It is amazing what happens when you “clean” your body on the inside :-) Hang in there and listen to your body, I find a few days after I start one of these is the most difficult, but hang in there:-) I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    • Ellyn, it is great to hear from someone that has done a cleanse. I don’t know anyone who has tried one. The most incredible thing I have found out so far is how little food I really need to eat to feel full. When I think of how much food I had been eating just before starting this, no wonder I felt sluggish and bloated.

  8. I recently heard of Infra-red sauna, for cleansing too! I noticed Dr. Oz talks about it too. I haven’t done it yet though, but have a friend who has and she slept 10 hours after 2-3 of them.

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