Guest Post- If You Are Healthy, You Will Feel Healthy!

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If You Are Healthy, You Will Feel Healthy!

Ask A Yogi - 4 

Article by, Gary Goldstein

We all want to feel our best, but sometimes, due to our busy lifestyle these days, that is easier said than done.

We must juggle work, raising a family, running errands, doing chores, etc., and eating healthy and working out or exercising might not be a top priority for some.

However, I believe it not only should be, but can be as well!

As the author of Jew in Jail, and also a blogger and motivational & inspirational speaker on recovery from addiction, I know how important it is to keep in shape - both physically and mentally - and how crucial discipline and focus is in maintaining such a routine.

I wake up at 4:00am each and every day in order  to get my workout in first thing in the morning.

Having that done before the sun comes up is a great feeling of accomplishment that I can then put in “my pocket,” and carry around for the remainder of my busy day.

Just as important is eating a healthy breakfast, which, studies have shown, is the most important meal of the day.

I always replenish my body after a workout by drinking a glass of juice, and either eating a bowl of oatmeal, cold cereal, or cup of yogurt, topped off by having a banana and spoonful of peanut butter.

The protein and nutrients from breakfast will provide enough energy to last until lunchtime, which I try to eat at the same hour every day, in order to ensure a regular metabolism.

In addition, regardless of where I am on each particular day, I constantly drink water, which has many benefits, including, among other things, improving skin.

Perhaps the best thing I do for my health is what I don’t do, namely smoking, doing drugs, or consuming alcohol.

I wasn’t always this way, but after enduring some rough times in the past, I have learned my lesson, and do my best nowadays to share my knowledge and experience with others.

There is no denying that life in the 21st century can be complicated, with less time to maintain proper health and exercise than in the past.

However, I, for one, believe all of you reading this right now have greatness and the unlimited potential to conquer anything you put your mind to, so I implore you to get on a health kick.

You will not regret it!

Gary Goldstein is the author of, “Jew in Jail” and Blogger/Motivational & Inspirational Speaker.  Please check out his work at any of the following links below.

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance is a Michigan based freelance writer and social media consultant. Wendy has gained attention as the founder of the popular blog Searching for the Happiness which can be viewed in 9 local papers online, including the Oakland Press. The combination of writing skills and social media knowledge is what makes Wendy such a powerhouse to work with. Stay tuned for opportunities to advertise, guest post and as always, have your questions answered.

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Wendy McCance

9 thoughts on “Guest Post- If You Are Healthy, You Will Feel Healthy!

  1. Gary, I agree with your approach to good health. In talking to my readers, I try to promote a similar approach to people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Symptoms of MS, such as limited energy, mobility issues, loss of identity, etc, must be factored in. MS is not an excuse. It is a factor to consider, like how early can you set an alarm. I take the approach that everyone has some challenge to deal with, some “red door.” But I truly believe if we look at the challenge straight on, with honesty, we can get through it and beyond. On the other side of the challenge can be some really good stuff. I opened my red door and beyond the MS, I have found art, opened an artist co-op and gallery and had my first book, MS: Beyond the Red Door, published. Go figure!

    • Mary, first of all, I apologize for taking so long to respond, but now that I have read your comment, I think you are amazing!

      You have taken the proverbial lemon, and made lemonade out of it!

      You are a true role model, not only for what you have been able to accomplish, but simply for your great, positive attitude!

      Thank you, once again, for your incredible feedback, and for crossing paths with me in life.

  2. Whenever i Skip breakfast I can feel it. Thankfully, it is something I almost never do. My greatest challenge is getting in the right exercise. You have really made me think about how I might make it more of a routine instead of hit and miss.

    • Hi Susan, and thank you for those uplifting comments.

      Sometimes, we are so busy in our daily lives, that we think skipping breakfast will not be detrimental.

      It might then lead to passing up on exercise, and, before you know it, laziness sets it.

      However, I cannot stress enough how important it is to start the day off right, by having and enjoying a nutritious breakfast, because, aside from providing the energy needed, it is just sensible as well.

      If it means waking up a little earlier, then by all means do it.

      Soon enough, that will become your new “routine,” and you will be happy it is!

    • Hi Joanne.

      Well, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, so in those situations, I have found that challenging myself works best.

      I simply tell myself that by focusing on what I need to do, I will eventually see the results I will be proud of, and that is usually enough to help me maintain my discipline and determination.

      Simply put, seeing is believing, so when one is able to measure his or her progress visually - in this case, eating breakfast and becoming and feeling healthy - chances are that person will develop a good sense of self-esteem and want to continue on that same road.

      By the way, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to that occasional piece of chocolate, or scoop of ice cream either, as long as you are consciously sticking to your overall plan.

      Variety is indeed the spice of life, so by all means, enjoy yourself too!

  3. I agree completely that what you eat has a large impact on how you feel. If I don’t eat breakfast and drink water throughout the day I just don’t feel right. Great guest post!

    • Hi Foodie.

      Thanks for your feedback, and I totally agree with you agreeing with me!

      Our bodies require food and water in order to operate most efficiently, and I am sad to report that some people take better care of their cars than they do themselves.

      Our health and well-being should always be our top priority, since, without it, we are no good to ourselves or others.

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