Dreams Do Come True - Sometimes it Just Takes a Long Time


Article by Wendy McCance

Have you ever noticed a wish you made long ago come true?  Over the years I have noticed wishes come true, but very slowly.  In fact, so slowly that many times it took a while for it to occur to me that I had wished for what I received.

I remember being in high school and visiting a friend in a neighborhood not too far from where I lived.  The area my friend lived in  just charmed me.  The neighborhood was rather big with winding streets, plenty of trees and colonial homes with covered porches that families would hang out on in the warmer months.  The neighborhood also butted up against a private swim club that was well-known and popular among my friends.

I used to think that if only I could live in that neighborhood when I grew up, I would feel like I had made it in life.

Well, 17 years later, I live in that exact neighborhood.  It wasn’t planned by any means.  Our family was living in an upscale neighborhood with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and almost 3,000 sq ft of living space.  When the economy fell apart, my husband and I lost our jobs, and then our home.  We were desperate to stay as close to the neighborhood we had called home for years so that our kids could stay in the same school district and remain close to their friends.  We wanted to at least try to alleviate any disruption to their lives that we could.

Across the main street from the neighborhood where we were getting ready to leave was the neighborhood I had dreamt about as a kid.  It was the only neighborhood we could afford if we wanted to keep the kids in the same school system.

We looked through the neighborhood and fell in love with one particular street.  It was the prettiest street in the subdivision in our eyes.  A few weeks after we began looking, a house came onto the market on the street we loved most.  It had just the right amount of room for our family.  We were only looking at homes that had 4 bedrooms so that each child could still have their own space.  We had crossed our fingers and prayed that such a home existed in our price range.

That home, on the street we loved, in the subdivision I had wished to live in as a child is where we live now.  It took 17 years for that wish to come true, but it did.  It happened in the worst of circumstances, but it still happened.

I have seen my wishes play out like this several times over the years.  A job I desperately wanted fell in my lap 5 years after I had applied for it.  I had been wishing almost daily for a job at that company and still wanted the job desperately 5 years later.

I wished for a particular car, an Envoy with three rows of seats, a sunroof, in a champagne color and which was all the rage back in the late 90′s.  In 2002, I got that exact car.  I was shocked because it seemed so far out of my price range.  I was able to get that car the same year I got the job I had wished for 5 years earlier.

The point is that wishes do come true.  They just take their time before they are realized.  Because of the length of time some of my wishes have taken to surface, I didn’t realize for quite some time that they were so important to me at one time or another.

I have often heard of putting together dream boards.  An opportunity for you to put all of your dreams in a place that is visible.  A better reminder of what you want in life.  If I had made a dream board and referred back to it, I think I would have gotten serious goosebumps seeing first hand on a colored board what I had received over the years.

It does excite me to think of the things I have dreamt of the last few years.  If those dreams come true one of these days, I will be living in a home on a lake with an in-ground pool.  I will have several published books and an established career as an author.

It will be fun to look over these posts years from now and see if those wishes have materialized.  If my past is any indication, I have no doubt that I am heading down that path.

What about you?  Have you ever seen your dreams come true in unusual ways?  How long does it take you for things to evolve and for your dreams to come true?

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Wendy McCance

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25 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True - Sometimes it Just Takes a Long Time

  1. I’m going to be honest with your opinion, and agree to the topic. Though again, dreams slowly come true if you’re willing to be a good patient. I have always wish that I would soon be winning an award for a cartoon, that it was made into a beautiful landscaped attraction at a famous theme park. Though I’m not sure IF it really is the way it may arrive,or even if it may come true, but it was the one heart-warming, insignificant wish that people would often imagine in their lives to become a reality.

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  3. My husband and I have been part of an amazing home group Bible study for years. There are 3 of us families that have been together the entire time and a few that have come and gone over the years. The best thing we ever did starting the first time we all met, was to write down our prayer requests in a prayer journal our group shared. We thought it woudl not only be a good way for us to keep track of one another’s needs so that one person could email the list to the group that week but it might also help us realize when our prayers are answered. We would highlight any old request that had been answered.

    Likke you said, it’s so easy to forget. Well, tonight we pulled that journal out for the first time in a while as we’ve all seemed to have forgotten about it. And it was the most amazing and beautiufl thing to see how many prayers had been aswered over the years. The pages were glowing with yellow highlighter. And we were even able to go back and highlight a few that we forgot about. Whether it’s prayer, dreams or wishes in a journal or on a board, it’s so important that not all things in the time WE think they should, but they very often come in the time that’s BEST.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    • What an incredible story. I am a big journal person, but I never thought of going back and looking over it like that. This is a story I’ll be passing on to my kids. So inspiring!!

  4. I am a firm believer that dreams come true every day. These dreams may not be what you would expect. When I was little, I wanted to be a lawyer but as time went on my dreams changed. Now I am a business owner, a wife to my best friend, and a mother of four wonderful children. I believe my dream came true.

  5. Sorry, Don’t know what happened?…..Every time a read a post of yours, it’s like I’m reading about myself…lol…I know I’ve told you that before. My hubby & I went through some of what your experienced. I had to stop working due to health issues, then he lost his job not to long after. Lost everything, and starting over at age 50 is not to much fun. But, what I have been through, and have prayed so many times to my maker G-D, are finally coming to pass. 6+yrs ago I was riddled with gambling addiction, and prayed to have the Urges stop, to have some peace, and get my life back! Well, our dreams & prayers do get answered, just not always in the time frame we’d Like….LOL….I went through so much, but Ican can tell you….be careful what your wish for, and pray for, cause you might just get it! If I could have seen where I am today, and what I’ve been through, I would have NEVER believed it. Devine intervention is what I call it, we have to learn, and show we are Worthy of the awesome Blessings we are given. Loved you post! *Catherine Lyon*

    • Hi Catherine, thanks so much for your comment. I have often found that people appear at just the time you need them. It might be that they have an answer to your question, make you feel better about being on the right track, are able to get you through a rough moment or just have a message. Every person who comes into my life and makes me take notice I stop and reflect on why they might have appeared. Now i am asking myself that question about you. :)

  6. I liked this story how cool that you ended up living back there again, I have lived in the same area all my life…………my dreams never seem to come true…….either that or I don’t have any dreams………..lol

    • Hi Joanne, I’m sure something has happened over all of these years. Like I mentioned, it might have been a wish from so very long ago that it’s not registering. Wishing you some great future moments. :)

  7. How wonderful that you got to live in that very same street so many years later! I do think that when we have desires in our hearts they do become a reality if they stay strong enough. I have wanted to write ‘that book’ for 32 years, the desire never left me, and I have just now started it! If my dream comes true then it will be a bestseller, ha!

  8. I never really thought about it that way, but yes you are right. Dreams do come true! As you say they may take a while. For me it was writing. I have always wanted to write, but things held me back. Now I’m writing almost daily and even have a few short stories published! I love it when a dream comes true.

    I’m fascinated with dream boards. I haven’t heard of them before you mentioned them. I might have to look into it now. Thanks Wendy :-)

    • Hi Jackie, wow, that’s wonderful that you had some stories published, congrats. Dream boards are just big pieces of poster board with sayings, cut-outs of pictures from magazines etc… Basically anything you wish to have you stick to the poster board and put somewhere where you can view it every now and then. It helps to motivate you and keep you focused.

  9. As a regular practice I would have my sakes teams build dream boards, along with my managers, directors and myself. The trick is knowing what you want. When it really truly is a desire and you can see it in your minds eye, you will subconsciously work toward achieving your goal. I’ve had many of my dreams come true in due time. I am working toward achieving new dreams everyday. :)

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