Do You Have Any Favorite Rituals?

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Article by Wendy McCance

It occurred to me today that I have quite a few moments that trigger a particular reaction in me.  I’ve realized that I have several comfort rituals.  A long time ago, a good friend of mine would tease me saying that I sounded like a magazine article talking about the things I would do to take care of myself.  I remember reading Teen or Seventeen Magazine as a teenager and loving the articles about ways to enjoy your own company and what you could do to spoil yourself.  As I sit here and reflect on these rituals, I realize more than ever that my friend was right.

Let me give you an example:

Today is overcast and it looks like rain.  I started hoping for a rainy day where I would make a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book.  It’s my go to feel good ritual when it rains.  Below are more rituals that I have realized I have done for years without realizing that I do this.

Snowed in for the day - Bake cookies or use the crock pot.  Watch a good movie or play a game with the kids.

Gorgeous warm sunny day - Take a bike ride with the kids and sometimes pack a picnic lunch.

A date night or out with friends - Polish my nails, give myself a facial, sometimes shop for a new accessory or some great shoes.

Wednesday Chill Day - This day is famous and happens every week.  Just about everyone I know knows about this day.  The kids go back to their dad’s house and my husband and I have an “unwind from the busy week day.”  There is always wine, pizza and the occasional movie.  We usually spend the night talking and catching up with each other.

Sunday morning brunch - On the rare occasion that we have the kids but don’t have any scheduled activities, we will make a great late breakfast.  I have to admit, my husband usually makes the great breakfast.  He will make pancakes, biscuits and gravy, french toast or eggs.  He also runs out and gets the Sunday Paper for me which I love to read.  He’s the best!

Extended summer weekend - OK, I admit, another husband ritual.  My husband will gravitate to the grill and make a delicious dinner for the family.

When I am depressed and trying to clear my head - Music and my drawing pad come out and I will work through my off mood with some sketches.  I usually grab a bottle of wine too. (Chocolate never hurts to have on hand either)

I’m sure I could probably think of many more things that I naturally do in different situations.  It is interesting to see how many ways I have found to take care of myself.  I believe that rituals are so important because it is a way of honoring yourself and your family.

Growing up, usually because of a holiday, there was a particular way our family would celebrate.  It is something you carry with you.  As an adult, I have caught myself passing some of those rituals on to my own family.  These are happy memories just like the new ones I have created without having realized it to my own kids.  I know that special moments like the numerous bike rides I take with the kids will stick in their head and be fond memories for them.  Who knows, they might just pass these rituals on to their own kids some day.

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Wendy McCance

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12 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Favorite Rituals?

  1. Several years ago I took a course on Spiritual Health that asked us to commit to ways of cultivating and nurturing our spiritual selves. I had a talis stone with the word Faith carved into it that I had carried around for months when I was between jobs. I lost the original stone, but committed to buying new talis stones with various positive words carved in them. Each morning I go to my rock collection, shuffle them around and pick one for the day to carry in my pocket. The word of the day often has a connectivity to what is happening in my life.

  2. You have wonderful rituals to help you celebrate the day. I don’t have a whole lot of them except spaghetti on Monday night. It makes life easier and now my husband is upset if we don’t keep the ritual. For the kids it is the family joke, but it is something we all share and laugh about.
    Rituals help us celebrate our family.

  3. Well Wendy, I do not share rituals. I hate routine. I love to invent and do new things. So what I do to live better. Not having daily rules. But if you think this way to be happier, that is. Always do what makes you most happy.

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