Mother’s Day Can Be Brutal

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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I had a fabulous Mother’s Day, but boy can it be brutal.  My day started early Sunday morning.  My son woke me up to tell me breakfast was ready.  My husband had overseen my son’s project of making pancake batter and then my husband tossed the batter on the griddle for what was incredibly delicious pancakes.  There was a cup of coffee, a glass of juice and the Sunday paper laid out for my enjoyment.

I love them dearly, but I wish I could have slept in.

My girls slept in, late.  My youngest got up and was immediately disappointed to find out that I had eaten breakfast.

This was at 10:45am.

My oldest woke up in a bad mood.  There was no “Happy Mother’s Day” mentioned, just a few grunts and a look of displeasure with the day.


My two youngest were sweet as could be saying that this was my day and I could do whatever I wished.  While I read the paper, I was asked if I was almost done (several times) so that I could do something with them.

Ah relaxing day!  My youngest daughter complained that she was bored and wished she could see friends, but couldn’t because of “Mother’s Day.”

My husband took off to visit his own mom.

My oldest was now plugged into her tablet, headphones on and a million miles away.

I checked my email and got a possible writing opportunity.  I had paperwork to fill out and didn’t want to put it off.  I had just had a discussion with my husband about ways to increase our finances because we are walking a fine line right now.  I called my husband, excited that a possible opportunity might have popped up.  My husband, trying to be supportive but protective over this special day reminded me that today was my day off and that I shouldn’t be working today.

Sure, nice sentiment, but we have been stressing over money and putting off a possible good opportunity wasn’t an option.

The kids and I watched a movie.  We had a good time and enjoyed snuggling up on the sofa with a pile of blankets.  When the movie ended, my younger daughter reminded me that she was bored and wanted to know what was next.  We decided to take a bike ride.

My youngest broke down when we didn’t go to the park.  We would have to cross an incredibly busy street, and the traffic light wasn’t working so we couldn’t use the crosswalk signal.

We got home and my youngest daughter pulled me aside to let me know that my son had wanted to take me out for ice cream (he thought we would stop at the park and then go a few miles to the next town over by bike).  It was a sweet thought.  We piled into the car and drove into town.

We invited my oldest daughter to go, but she got upset and said she just needed a day to relax without doing anything.  Really?  My thoughts exactly.

When we got into town, my two youngest were so lovely, they insisted on paying the parking meter and we walked around town.  It was a beautiful day.  Afterwards we went for ice cream (the kids treated me).

I have nothing to say, it was so touching.  I have great kids.

When we got home, there were responsibilities that couldn’t be ignored.  Dinner, showers, making lunches, reading at bedtime, you know, life.

My oldest never had an improvement with her mood after a full day of “relaxing.”  I reminded her that she had to finish her homework before it got to late.

A fight broke out between us over the homework and her general state of mind and left me feeling just fabulous (sarcasm).

The day came to an end.

I spent some time in the quiet house on the computer.  Oh heavenly peace and quiet.

This morning I woke up to an overflowing sink of dishes.

No one wanted to see me do any work yesterday.  Great thought, but who was going to do it?  I just got the pleasure of seeing the mess another day.

The front room is littered with blankets, laundry is begging to be done and the general state of the house is just messy.

I love Mother’s Day, or at least the idea of it.  I just wish it lasted only a few hours so that the pressure was off of everybody.  Mother’s Day is lovely, but boy am I exhausted.





Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance

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Wendy McCance

15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Can Be Brutal

  1. As I read this, I laughed outloud. It sounds so typical of my past Mother’s Days. This year,for more reason then I can explain, I was alone. I sleepedin, made a glorious breakfast, worked in my garden, went to jewelers to pick out a necklace my husband asked me to get for myself, I spent a few minutes on my blog, drew on iPad and I so missed my family. It seems when we get what we think we want, it isn’t what we really want … 😀

  2. Lawdy! My mother’s day was so very different - because my son lives too far away and my mom lives too far away - so I can’t spend time with either of them — dang :-(. But, I’m trying still to decide if I envy your day or am glad I had a quiet day *LAUGHING* ! 😀

  3. That sounds exhausting, but your youngest two sound young enough where they don’t really ‘get’ that you would rather them do dishes instead of taking you out for ice cream. They sound very sweet, and at least they meant good!

    Humorous post. It would be fun to have more written in this style.

    • Thanks. My younger two are just so mushy and do really try to spoil me even when it isn’t Mother’s Day. My oldest is wonderful and has a kind heart. Right now she has an illness called Teenager that we are trying to cure.

  4. LOL! Wendy that was hysterical and right on! Although, my son and brother took me and my mother out yesterday, it was a tiny bit stressful in that neither of them could really afford to take us where we went and therefore, my brother spent his entire paycheck and now has to borrow gas money from my mother. My son had to dip into his savings (he’s saving to buy himself a new mattress), but was ok with it because, “Mom, the day only comes once a year. No biggie!” I love my son and his wife (whomever that turns out to be) will find a blessing in him. He actually likes women and knows how to treat them!

    Great blog!

  5. I hear you. 🙂 I don’t really get a Mother’s Day at all. Mine is spent “appreciating” my own mother, with the added twist that my son’s birthday is always right around Mother’s Day, so we celebrate that at the same time. This year his birthday is today, and he’s 16 so it’s kind of a milestone. And since he lives with his dad the celebrating had to be done on the weekend while he was with me. So in the end I really got nothing other than a card (that I had to make my son go buy for me). Sigh.

    Some day he will be grown up enough to not be so self-centered. I hope. In the meantime I guess I got to celebrate being a mom by taking care of his needs like a mother is supposed to. 🙂

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