Your Drawings Might Give You a Clue About What You Are Passionate About

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Article by Wendy McCance

Have you ever paid attention to your drawings?  Maybe you look at those absentminded scribbles as just that, scribbles.  Have you ever thought that those doodles could be giving you a hint towards what interests you?

I have always loved to draw.  I tend to gravitate towards drawing faces.  Eyes are my favorite part of the face and I will spend a considerable amount of time putting as much depth into them as possible.

During a recent conversation with my daughter, she was talking about how she loves dancing and feels it is something she would like to explore as more than just a simple hobby.

I;m not sure how I connected drawing to what interests a person, but I had a revelation. I am a writer.  I am fascinated with delving into the personalities of other people and trying to make sense of what makes them tick.  What drives them?  I want to understand their soul. Just like my drawing and the focus on faces, people fascinate me, and they do say that the eyes are the windows to your soul.

My daughter loves drawing the body.  She is intrigued by the flow of the body parts and the angles your body can be positioned in.  She is passionate about dance.  Her drawings make sense.  She has drawn bodies for years.  She was drawing what interested her as a possible career choice without even realizing it.

My son likes to draw status symbols.  He will draw Nike shoes or race cars.  He is fascinated with logos and will also draw big homes.  My son is determined to get straight A’s in school and is very serious about getting into the best college possible.  He loves money and wants to ensure that he will have a lot of it when he grows up.

My other daughter loves fashion and will sketch women in fabulous outfits with incredible hair and terrific accessories.  She would love to do something in the field of fashion or at least live her life as a very fashionable person.

The point is, to some extent, a drawing can be a clue into what is deep inside of you.  If you are unsure of a path to take for a career or a hobby to take up, maybe you should spend some time doodling.  Who knows, maybe you will find the answer to the questions plaguing your brain.

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Wendy McCance

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  1. I am a copy writer, content writer, web and social media advertising writing writer, etc. I have been writing because of my passion for it and also because it metamorphosed into my profession. My writing career began before the age of computers. I wrote with a pen on paper. And yes, I would doodle. I drew imaginary faces (pretty good, actually) and then I would re-draw them as what I imagined they would look like 30 years later. I never stuck around to see whether my depictions were accurate. Who could and who would. Yet, this habit of looking around the corner to see what lies there has become an integral part of the discipline of my writing. As far as possible, I do not start writing unless I know how I am going to end my piece of prose. .

    • Hi Barry, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I think it would be interesting to see what your clients draw. I think you should ask them to draw a few items in a week and bring it in, but don’t tell them why. If they know the reason ahead of time, I think it would interfere with the process.

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