Personality Types of Highly Creative People

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Article by Wendy McCance

I have often wondered if extremely successful creative types fell under a certain type of personality.  The reason it fascinates me so much is because of my own personality.  There have been many times where I envied a friend who had that outgoing, spunky personality that seemed to make every moment tremendously fun.  These were the friends who looked for constant social interactions.  They never seemed to require down time and never burnt out from too much activity.

I, on occasion would wish for the energy they possessed.  I would wonder what it would be like to constantly be on the go without a moment to regroup or relax.  personally, I enjoy alone time where I can develop my creativity through art or writing much more than finding my entertainment from friends or through outside activities.

I would describe my personality as that of the observer.  I am fascinated with watching and analyzing situations and the way that others interact in different settings.  I do enjoy going out on occasion and catching up with friends.  I just enjoy being alone or with my family more.

If I could, I would have a studio in my home.  The room would be stacked full of books and art supplies would be everywhere.  I would use the room to write, draw and listen to music.  If I had the time and no responsibilities, who knows how many days I would be in that room before dragging myself out into the light for a break from the creative process.

I love that my husband has a creative mind as well.  He is more mechanical in nature.  He likes to build things and make them run.  Think computer programming meets carpentry meets an electrician meets a mad scientist.  When he gets that creative urge, he becomes as sucked in as I do.  We joke that when we retire we will have a home with a pole barn on several acres.  He will have the first level of the barn for his studio and I will have the second level for mine.

All of this rambling brings me to a movie I saw the other day.  It was called The September Issue.  It’s an older movie about Anna Wintour who is the editor-in-chief at Vogue magazine.  What struck me about the movie was the isolation of the editor-in-chief.  Anna Wintour is extremely creative and decisive.  Her days are filled with appointments, shows and meetings yet she seems a bit on the outside of all that is going on.  She is an outsider looking in at a well run machine of dedicated people.  Although she is in charge of all that is put together for the magazine, she is detached.  Somehow almost seeming robotic in nature.

I have read up on what some of the most creative people were like and I have to say, it does seem that most of these highly creative people were introverts.  It’s comforting to know that not only have I found my passion for writing, but it seems that my personality type makes writing a good fit.

I don’t know how you feel about the theory that highly creative people tend to be introverts.  Maybe you are very creative but are much more of an extrovert.  Let me know what you think and where you feel that your personality falls.

Below are some great links on the subject that you might enjoy.

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25 thoughts on “Personality Types of Highly Creative People

  1. Sounds about right really. I have introversion to the point that I get anxiety around too many people when I have to interact with them. I would very much rather spend my time alone or with family, working on my own projects.

    My wife thinks my idea of my home bar is kinda funny. I want it set up like a real bar. But we rarely to never entertain so the bar would be for me alone. I could have the look and feel of what I love without the added annoyance of people I don’t want to be around.

    • I love the home bar. I think you should do it. It’s a plus for your wife too. You get to enjoy going to the bar and she gets to enjoy you. No worries about who the designated driver would be either. Just brilliant!!

  2. You just held a mirror to my life! I would much prefer the company of my thoughts, writings, photos and books than hanging out with friends. I call it my hibernation. I am into Phoetry which is a combination of Photography and Poetry. I gather inspiration from the beauty, spirit and wisdom of nature and I’m always in the elements with my camera pointed and clicking. The photos I take inspire me to write poems about life, spirituality and whatever else pops into my head. Some of my friends think I’m crazy and often stage social interventions when they feel like I’ve been in hibernation too long lol. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one…Great Article!

  3. Hi Wendy. I think you’re right about creative people being a little introverted. I have always been a little reserved but find that there is this adventurous outgoing child inside of me that keeps trying to run my life and do what she wants to do. Wanting to go here and there, do this and do that, I can hardly keep up with her needs. She wants to be on the stage and shine, whereas I get stage fright and would much rather write something and have someone else act it out. I’m reflective, and a daydreamer. I’ve been that way since I can remember, but even as a child I would write poetry and stories and daydream about far away mythical places that I wanted to visit. Now as a serious children’s book writer I find myself being extremely selfish with my time. My computer and art supplies and notebooks are all in a corner in my bedroom so that it’s convenient for me to wake at 5:30 in the morning and not have to go far. I spend so much time alone and locked up in my room that friends have complained and thought I was being anti-social and stand-offish. And when I am in a social situation I’m usually observing. So I’m working even when I’m not working. Still there’s a part of me that needs to get out into nature every now and then and see the world.

  4. I think I’m creative, or maybe that’s just WAS creative, but I also dearly love my “alone time” and always have. I use to make my kids give me at least an hour alone everyday after school… LOL. I guess I can be creative, but not having the time to carry through with those ideas is very frustrating. Since my mom’s stroke, I really have even less time than before…
    I do love your blogs though Wendy… they are always thought provoking. :D

    • Thanks so much Keli. You got me thinking about when I feel creative but because of other obligations can’t work through those ideas. I would say that’s the most horrible feeling when that happens.

  5. I have a theory that highly creative people are also great observers. By being great observers they can then translate what they see in words, photography or visual arts. As far as generally being introverts I wouldn’t know, but I do know some highly creative people who are anything but. :-)

  6. I was reading the other day that highly creative people were also more likely to suffer with extreme states of mind, or that there was a higher percentage of having a family history of those states for highly creative people. That’s interesting that your post deals with a similar topic! I can’t remember the source of the article, someone was writing about it in a blog post. My creativity seems to swing. One week, I’ll write three songs and a few blog posts and get ideas for stories. Other weeks, I read some books or watch some movies and try my best to practice guitar. It always changes, and I’m trying to cultivate a forgiveness and gentle attitude towards those changes :) thanks for a great post!

  7. NIce post. There is so much in what you said that I can relate to. I’m not sure envy is the word I’d use for watching other people be something I’m not, more like a wow and a slight yearning for something unreachable.

  8. Wendy - I agree with Amanda with your writing providing much food for thought. I find myself at time in conflict — like you I love to be home, reflect, read and write. It feels good to hole up and not be required to go somewhere or have to meet a deadline. I guess that goes with retirement I’m still getting used to in permitting myself to relax and enjoy instead of feeling guilty for not having a place to go or something to do.

    But with that being said, other times I love getting out and connecting with my friends, feeling their energy and catching up on what’s going on in their lives. I am discovering I’m also adventurous in that I love to go for spontaneous rides, walks and explore new places. I pick up the energy from that too.

    Can’t say what type this makes me but it contributes to my writing if you want to call it creative. You seem to catch the creativeness more frequently than I as you write a lot more. I’m still working on that. I enjoy your stories - keep them coming. :-)

  9. I’m also an introvert. Always was. I don’t open up easily to people and some have mistaken this for snobbery or some such. I find it rather amusing though that in my writing blog I am very open, well much more open then in real life. I feel like no one judges me and accepts me for the strange person I am. I don’t have kids or a family that I am close to. Very few friends too. That’s how I have always been. So writing to me is something I truly love and am just beginning to come into my own.

  10. Hi Wendy. I have been following your blog for a while. You provide some wonderful food for thought and i can relate to you in many ways - i too have a large family - four children and a husband who is struggling at the moment to accept that i want to be, and am, a writer - because it does make you enjoy and want more ‘alone’ time, which he sees as a bit of a threat to our relationship. But we are getting there! I too, have always been an introvert, very shy as a child - yet i loved to ‘show off’ to my school mates by writing plays and asking them to perform them. Now, after a long break from writing, I am fully commited to it - but it takes a bit of ‘breaking in’ your family to free up some space and time, just for you. Your blog posts are excellent. Thank you so much for sharing your insights of life, from what is really an ordinary, yet ‘extraordinary,’ family setting.

    • Amanda, it is comments like this that just stun me. I am so glad that my writing is something that is relatable and enjoyed. I love hearing from people who see themselves in what I write. When I read your comment, I saw so much of me in what you described. It was really cool to feel the connection. :)

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