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Article by Wendy McCance

We moved into a new home over the summer last year.  The yard was beautifully organized.  There were stepping-stones creating a path around a tree.  The flowers were gorgeous and in full bloom.  There had only been one previous family that had lived in the house.  It was obvious that they had loved and cared for their garden tending to it for over 40 years.

We have lived in this home long enough to have seen every season come and go.  It’s been like a gift to go into a new season and see how this garden evolves.  Right now there is a beautiful tree at the corner of our covered porch that has blossomed with pink and white flowers on it.  It is fairly big and has an umbrella shape to it.  I love going out in the morning with a cup of tea to sit on the porch with the tree shading the corner where I sit.  The flowers are so delicate and pretty and the tree looks like something a couple would stand under as they got married.

I wonder about the family that used to live here.  What did the yard look like when they moved in?  Each tree and plant seems to have a few talents, they get flowers in the spring and turn color in the fall.  Did this family have any stories about how they picked out a particular plant?  Were any of the flowers given to them as a gift to be planted?

I wish I could express to the previous owners that the family living in their home now gets a great deal of enjoyment from the garden that was created.  I wish they knew that we are tending to each plant with love and care and respect.

It’s incredible how much of a person’s personality shows through in the way they tend to their garden.  There are just some yards that are so well cared for that you know the person tending to them have a special place in their heart for those plants.  We feel so lucky to have moved into a home where the yard shows evidence of a family that loved it.  Happiness was found in this beautiful garden.

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Wendy McCance

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9 thoughts on “Love For a Beautiful Garden

  1. The LinkedIn reference to this blog post is entitled: Do You Live in the Moment or is it [life?] Passing You By?
    I don’t see the ‘link’ clearly and suggest it is misleading. I’m happy to read your blog but I want a clearer come-on. I wonder what this says about my personality type? and what sort of gardener I am?

    • Hi Doug,
      The title you are referring to is another article on my blog that I wrote. How the two got intertwined is beyond me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Thank you for this post. :) It transported me to a place of bliss. It sounds like you have a beautiful garden and deep appreciation for all that it brings to your home life. Peter is right. It sounds like an intro to a beautiful novel.

  3. What a great insightful and perceptive story. I have inherited small gardens with places I have lived and altered things without waiting to see what the seasons would bring. And I have realised that the original design was the best one! Friends have just moved to a house with a large garden and are filling in the fish-pond even though it was a kind of social centre for frogs and toads in early spring. What will the frogs do next spring I wonder? The downside is when people have planted tree seedlings and then moved on without realising how BIG the trees will soon become and how difficult and expensive it will be to trim or remove them. A really interesting topic.

  4. This is lovely to read. It could almost be the start of a novel. Has made me think about what our garden says about us.

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