How Will you Spend your Thanksgiving Day?

Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottaw...

Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottawa’s Byward Market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article by Wendy McCance

With Thanksgiving just days away, I have been wondering how people will spend their Thanksgiving day this year?  After reading so many articles about stores being open on Thanksgiving and the economy still not doing all that well, I wonder how many people will be working?

Thanksgiving for my family for the last several years was mostly held at our home.  We would have friends and family over and catch up with several people we only saw a few times a year.

People would be in and out all day because of obligations to stop by other homes as well.  We would usually end up hosting Thanksgiving for close to 50 people.  There would be 2 or 3 turkeys and sometimes a ham.  There were always more side dishes than I could count.  There was usually so much food left over that we began asking people to bring tupperware containers with them.  This way, families could leave with enough food to repeat the whole Thanksgiving meal.  Leftovers are one of the greatest part of having the feast.

Thanksgiving day was full of wonderful commotion and activity.  There would be a football game playing in the family room.  An army full of men would be eating sausage, cheese and crackers while holding a beer and cheering for their team.  Down in the finished basement there would be a huge group of kids running around and playing games.  The kitchen would be bustling with woman cooking their dishes while holding a glass of wine and catching up with each other.

The meal itself was quite a challenge.  Several tables would be set up.  There would be people sitting down for dinner in three different rooms to accommodate everyone.  There would also be several more tables stuffed with all the good dishes that had been cooked that day.

I am grateful for the memories that I have and that the kids will have to remember as adults.  This year, we will be taking a break from hosting the festivities.  Dinner will be at the in-laws this year.  we will get to visit with family we haven’t seen too much this last year.  It will be nice to catch up.

I hope Thanksgiving is memorable for you as well this year.  Below is a quick questionnaire with questions about how you will celebrate the holiday this year.  It will be interesting to see what others will be doing for the holiday.


1.  Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?

2.  Will you have to work, or will you have the day off?

3.  If you have to work, what type of job do you have?

4.  Will you host Thanksgiving at your home?

5.  How many people will you visit with on Thanksgiving?

6.  Will you be travelling out-of-town for Thanksgiving?

7.  Have you ever had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant?

8.  Do you look forward to Thanksgiving, or does it stress you out?

9.  What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving?

10.  What is your favorite pie?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wendy McCance

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12 thoughts on “How Will you Spend your Thanksgiving Day?

  1. Oh my… Lets see…. I’m going to my daughter’s house and she is cooking most of it for the first time, but it will only be about 5or 6 people if her fiance’s brother comes. My daughter is a Nurse Practioner (she is like a General Practice Dr.), but the clinic will be closed that day. My sister is a Nurse and she has to work regardless of the time but can schedule one holiday off per year. I love to eat the food… but yes, it’s stressful when we do it down here because my 82 year old mom wants to try to do it all, and she can’t really. We watch a lot of football so the guys look forward to that too…. Personally, I can be Thankful any day so it really isn’t special to me except that we have to cook more (the out of town family doesn’t usually come). 😀

  2. I will be spending Thanksgiving out-of-town with my youngest son and his wife. There will be much laughter, good food, and football. My 1.5 year old grand daughter will entertain me as well. I won’t be working, neither will my daughter-in-law, but my son is a manager for a retail establishment so he will have to open his store at 5 am Friday morning. My favorite non dessert would be mashed potatoes,, the Irish part of me shows whenever there are potatoes around. But my favorite dessert is always pumpkin pie. And no, I’ve never had Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, that would just seem wrong to me. Thanksgiving is always at home!

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