What Creates the Most Happiness in Your Life?

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Article by Wendy McCance

If I were to list what gives me the most happiness, my husband and kids would top the list.  They bring joy to my life like nothing else.  Truly they make my life feel incredibly complete.

Beyond my family, writing has become a solid part of my happiness.  It has become an incredible, addictive need.  If I don’t spend some time each day writing, I feel a strange sort of loss.  I don’t get time each day to write the way I would like to simply because I need to have no distractions to open my head and pour out my thoughts.  Some days are just too busy.  When I get the chance to really absorb myself in my writing, I walk away with a type of peace as though I had just finished a therapy session.  I get a rush like I just finished a very important project and my ego gets a bit of a boost.

What in your life brings you this type of intense happiness?  I’m talking about the type of happiness that if you were without it would create a hole in your life.  Do you a hobby, friendship, activity or something else that you just need to have in your life to form a part of who you are and that makes you feel complete?

Comments on this article would be great.  I’d love to know what you, the reader feel makes your life special.

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