How does the Holiday Season Affect you?


Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article by Wendy McCance

This is the time of year where many emotions come into play.  There are so many back to back holidays and additional commitments to attend to.  I often wonder how people feel at this time of year.  Are you the type who embraces the holiday with excitement?  Do you go out and spend money like no ones business?  Do the holidays bring a personal dread as you will be spending time with people you may be at odds with?

The way I approach the holidays is with an open heart and a childlike excitement for what’s to come.  At our home, the family really gets into the holiday spirit.  The kids like to decorate their rooms with Christmas lights and a wreath on their doors.  My husband likes to put up lights on the outside of the house.  He is also known for building an ice rink for the kids.  I like to decorate with lots of candles, pinecones, pine boughs and glass ornaments.  The kitchen gets a good workout from the cookies, bread and cakes we bake.

I love the hustle and bustle of the season.  There is just something about playing some festive music while baking cookies as the kids hang out in the kitchen  laughing and talking. It just warms my heart.

This is the time of year when we see our friends and family more often than any other time of the year.  Impromptu parties are thrown together and the days blend into one long and very fun event.

One of my favorite memories from this time of year is from a few years back.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with family and friends at our home.  The adults were in the dining room playing games, eating and socializing.  Our doorwall was right next to the table we sat at.  Outside it was dark and a rather mild winter evening.  My husband had built a good-sized ice rink.  There must have been about 7 kids outside skating.  Christmas music was being piped outside.  The ice rink had been outlined with Christmas lights and there were also lights in the bushes and trees surrounding the rink.  It was just the most beautiful sight to see the kids skating out their on Christmas Eve.  It felt magical.

During the holidays, I avoid the malls and do any shopping for presents online.  I feel an intense amount of gratitude about what I have and like to soak the good feelings in.  For me, this is the time of year when stress goes out the window and the smallest of moments are sacred to me.

I don’t know how the holiday season plays out for you, but I am wishing you all the best.  I hope your holidays are filled with friends and family.  I hope special moments are created and that the stress of spending money, and time with those you might not enjoy are replaced with a sense of peace and happiness.

Happy Holidays!


Wendy McCance

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