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Article by Wendy McCance

Thank you to all who have participated in the Blog Contest.  Well, the day has finally arrived, and I would like to announce the winners.

All winners will be listed on the front page of Searching for the Happiness for the next 3 months on a blog roll.

All winners also have the opportunity to do a guest post on this blog.  Think about promoting something you are working on, writing an article or if you would like, we can do a question and answer interview.  Winners, please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to do a quest post.

The winners of the blog contest in no particular order are:








Congratulations to all of our winners.  Each winner had an enormous amount of readers who had written in to vote for these blogs.  Each of these blogs have quite a few passionate, loyal followers who could not say enough wonderful things about the blogs they are following.  What a tremendous compliment to each of you!

I encourage everyone to check out these wonderful and very popular blogs.  Please read below to get to know a little bit more about each of these fabulous blogs and the authors behind them.

Moggie Purrs, by Beverly J. Harvey

Beverly Harvey has had a love for cats all of her life.  She has taken her love and put together a blog to celebrate those cats that are so dear to her.

Beverly has a background as a Journalist and PR Writer.  She has mixed her professional experience as a writer and her love for cats into a blog that has made for a creative outlet and an absolute labor of love for her.

Please stop by her blog and say hi.  Her posts are inspiring and just plain fun to read.

Smart Living 365, by Kathy Gottberg

Kathy Gottberg’s blog lives by the motto, Ideas to Create a More Happy and Fulfilled Life.  She really does accomplish that on her blog.

Kathy’s blog has wonderful articles on topics such as all things sustainable, meaningful, compassionate and rewarding.  She has written all types of articles for over 25 years and has even published a few books.

If you enjoy reading articles with titles such as, Confessions of an Ex-Planner, Are you Worthy of Love, Happiness and Success and Rightsizing vs. Downsizing- Making a Positive Lifestyle Choice, you will love this blog.

Gina Quales, by Gina Quarles

Gina has a motto on her blog that says, Encouragement, Hope and Inspiration.  Gina’s blog, nevertheless is full of articles about spreading kindness and hope.

Gina is a 45 yr. old stay-at-home mom who has experienced divorce, remarriage and a near death auto accident.  With all of the huge life experiences that she has endured and conquered, Gina has found a place of thankfulness and love for receiving the opportunity for second chances.

Gina’s articles delve into the past and the night that changed her life forever.  She also writes about daily experiences with a fresh, insightful way of moving past obstacles in your path.  Her blog is inspiring and does a good job of making the reader feel that no problem is too big to get past even when you feel like there is no hope.

Finding Our Way Now, by Susan Cooper

Susan has a saying at the top of her blog that really sums up her blog, Life’s Journey: All the challenges, learnings, memories, and the great ups and downs that happen along the way.  Susan is an artist, writer and as she puts it, an accidental blogger.

On this blog you will find a fantastic collection of stories reminiscent of her childhood, her years as a teacher, some terrific recipes and recommendations of wines to try.  She also shows you how she creates her artwork.  Recently added are podcast where a story is told along with artwork that she has created.

Susan has had her blog for a little over a year, and in that time published an ebook called, D.R.E.A.M Catchers which was co-wrote with another blogger, Cheryl Therrien.

Another good blog to stop by and check out!

Broke Millennials Blog, by Anonymous

This blog by a person who would like to remain anonymous has a blog with the motto, Learning to be a fiscally responsible member of “generation me.”  If you are interested in articles about living a life without going into debt, this is a great blog to check out.

This blog focuses on the life lessons she has learned living in the big city and how she is surviving without going into debt.

To give you a sense of her articles, she has written some great posts with titles like, Candy Tax and other Childhood Grudges and The One Where Someone Else’s Dad Teaches Me About Money.  These are fun articles with a lot to say, written in a light, easy tone.

Catherine Lyons Addicted to Dimes, by Catherine Lyons

Catherine writes about her past addiction to gambling.  A very different blog than many out there, but that’s a good thing.  Catherine writes honestly and openly about how she grew up, her career, marriage, 2 cats, and her addiction and recovery.

Catherine has also written a book called, Addicted to Dimes which you can view on Amazon at this link:

If you or anyone you know has a present or past gambling problem, Catherine’s blog is full of inspiring posts as well as a list of resources you can check out

Zee and Zoey, by Deborah Barnes

Deborah has great admiration for her cats, Zee and Zoe.  In her blog she shares the powerful and inspirational relationship she has formed with her pets.  Her blog is light and fun to read taking you on a ride with everyday stories that have a humourous twist. She adds to the posts with amusing photos of her cats in some hilarious positions.  My favorite as I looked through her blog is of a picture of one cat as a masseuse and the other on the table receiving the massage with a towel wrapped up on her head.  It looked like a relaxing spa day for cats.

Deborah has written for many magazines including, Cat Fancy.  She is also the author of, The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey.  Her blog is filled with awards for such things as best pet blog and some of the animal rights causes she is involved in.

Congratulations again to all of the blog winners!!

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance is a Michigan based freelance writer and social media consultant. Wendy has gained attention as the founder of the popular blog Searching for the Happiness which can be viewed in 6 local papers online, including the Oakland Press.The combination of writing skills and social media knowledge is what makes Wendy such a powerhouse to work with. Stay tuned for opportunities to advertise, guest post and as always, have your questions answered.

To contact Wendy McCance about a writing assignment, interview or speaking engagement, please email her at: [email protected]

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! A wonderful collection of writers with words that warm our hearts sharing their expertise.

    Wishing all of you continued success! Thank you Wendy for sharing them with us. :-)

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  5. It is such an honor to know that I can inspire people with my love of animals through writing and photos. I hope that one day we will live in a world where all pets have a loving home and don’t have to live on the streets and in shelters.

    Thank you so much for hosting this great contest and congratulations to all the inspiring winners and a special thank you to my readers who believed in me enough to nominate me.

  6. Wow! Thanks Wendy! It is always nice to be acknowledged by others so I appreciate you putting the contest together and giving us all a chance to participate. I also want to thank all the friends and followers that voted for me-obviously I couldn’t have done it without them :-) It does seem a little strange that your website isn’t included Wendy because you offer so much for YOUR readers and are such a generous and thoughtful friend to all your fellow bloggers-so I consider your blog to be on the list as well. I am looking forward to reading and being inspired by all my fellow winners as well. Thanks again! ~Kathy

  7. Thank you so much for putting this blog contest together, Wendy! It is so wonderful to be acknowledged on your site. You have a great blog and a large and loyal following! I love the work you do. :-)

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