The Wisest Comment I’ve Heard From a Kid

Wise/Norton 2012

Article by Wendy McCance

Sometimes a kid will say something that is so incredibly wise that it just takes me by surprise.  Not that there aren’t smart kids, but there are times that a comment will be made that makes me take a second look and wonder how a kid could understand something so profound at such a young age.

There is someone that our family knows that has gotten interested in blogging.  I am thrilled for them and think that they will truly enjoy having a blog.  In my mind, I am already looking at ways they can get the most out of blogging and want to share my knowledge with them.  I mean, why would I let them struggle to find the answers when I can give them so much advice from the things I have personally experienced and learned over the years.

I mentioned possibly reaching out to this friend of the family with a little blogging advice on how to monetize the blog and get more views to their site. My daughter was quick to give me her own opinion and I have to say, it was brilliant.  She essentially felt that I would be interfering with their learning process if I jumped in.  She said that if this was something this person was passionate about that they would get much more out of their experience by learning to blog on their own.  They needed to be able to hear their own voice and follow what interested them without the confusion of other voices in their ear.  She ended her opinion about me helping out by pointing out that, if someone else started sharing what they have learned, they would probably lose interest.  Part of the process is the struggle and finding your way by yourself.

It all made so much sense to me.  My daughter a few years back decided to become a professional dancer.  I know nothing about dance and can only sit back and root her on as she figures out what steps to take to get to her goal. If I had stepped in and put her in front of people who could get her to her goal faster, she would have felt overwhelmed, unprepared and uncomfortable.  Knowing my daughter, she would have lost interest.  She would have been cheated out of her big experience and the pride felt as her path unfolded all due to her own efforts.

I realized that for this friend of the family, I would be an asset to them only if there was a specific question they had and they were the one who reached out to me for help.  Other than that, it is more appropriate for me to do nothing more than sit back and cheer for them as they develop their own skills and find the path that works best for them.

Wendy McCance

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