All the Rage with High School Kids - Playing a Game Called,”Hostage”

Article by Wendy McCance

My daughter just graduated from high school.  She was at a graduation party that was wrapping up and a group of kids decided to continue the festivities with a game called hostage.  Have you ever heard of it?

When my daughter came home from the graduation party, she said she had a great time.  Then she told me that she played a game I might not approve of (never a good thing to be hearing).

A bunch of kids went up to the local high school and got into groups.  (I guess you can play solo, but thankfully at least my daughter insisted on going with a friend).  Once you are in your groups, one or two people are blindfolded from each team.  They get into a car and are driven to an unknown location and dropped off.  Once they get out of the car, they can take off the blindfolds.  The idea of the game is by using street signs alone (and not GPS) the dropped off kids must call their teammates and describe their location so they can be picked up.  The winning team is the group that gets back to the original location first.

In some ways, it sounds like a fun innocent game.  My concern was that it was late at night and the kids were dropped off in some not so safe neighborhoods.  On top of that, the kids were blindfolded.  I can’t even imagine what other drivers were thinking.  The kids were lucky the police weren’t called.

Apparently this is a very popular game.  I bring up this story so that if you have kids who are in high school, you might want to mention the safety issues concerned with being dropped of in cities that might not be so safe for a few kids late at night.

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    • That is so heartbreaking. I have been worrying about this new Pokemon game too because of kids possibly getting hit by a car if they cross a busy street or something worse if they go to a secluded area. It’s awful because it’s just kids playing a game, but there are so many potential dangers.

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