The Perfect Day Off

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Article by Wendy McCance

So the weather is bad outside and you are home for the day.  There are no obligations because the weather is a mess and there is nowhere to go.  What would you do with your day?

I was talking with my kids about this.  What if we had a day off from school and work.  An unexpected reprieve from our busy lives?

This is the day that sounded good to us:

Sleep in

Got to take advantage of a free day with some extra snooze time.

Pajama day

Lounging in pj’s all day.  Honestly there’s nothing better.


Eating later because of sleeping in.  Some eggs, bacon and pancakes sounds perfect for a late breakfast.

Watch a good movie

Still feeling sleepy and lazy.  Why not grab a comfy blanket and snuggle up for a movie.


Catching up on the book that hadn’t been finished or the magazine that came in the mail that was put aside untouched.

Nap time

Why not?  It’s a lazy day and a nap sounds good.

Crock pot

Ah, there’s nothing like some good, hot, wonderful smelling food to simmer all day long.


Baking some cookies with the kids and having them decorate them.  Nothing like a fresh cookie just out of the oven.

Craft project

Pulling out the craft supplies not seen since last winter when we had a lazy weekend day.

It’s now later in the day.  Dinner will be eaten and plans for the next day will be made.  Time to snap out of the laziness of an unexpected day off.  Tomorrow it will be back to business.

This would be our family’s perfect day off.  What about you?  What would make for a memorable day off for you?

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Wendy McCance

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15 thoughts on “The Perfect Day Off

  1. Right now with the cold and rain, my perfect day would be a pot of hot tea with a good book and my favorite blanket. Since we are expecting two more days of rain, I think I will do all the above tomorrow and stay in pjs as well.

  2. “The Perfect Day Off” in my current existence includes time dedicated to practicing as many of the Eight Limbs as possible. While often they are practiced concurrently, taking the time to mindfully apply each of their intentions to ‘a day in the life’ can be an elusive, yet rejuvenating discipline: Dedicating ourselves to practice an hour of asana, is quite literally (as one of my favorite yogini teacher says) “hitting the reset button.” Taking the time to ‘go within’ through curiosity, and with compassion for the Self, is of immeasurable benefit in maintaining balance in mind, body and spirit. Namaste.

  3. Hi Wendy, all most of us can do is relax. I am in Delaware and our electricity went off about 7:30 P. M. THERE are not a lot choices. My husband is listening to his mp3 player and I am on my Lenovo tablet. Be safe

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