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Article by Wendy McCance

A friend of mine on Facebook came up with an excellent idea that I just had to pass on.  Lisa Rader has created a page on Facebook she named, Say Something Nice.  The idea behind this is that whenever you are being helped by an employee and you have a really good experience, you search out their manager and say something nice about the employee.

Lisa gave examples such as a great dining experience with a terrific waitress and a grocery employee who went out of their way to help her find a specific item.  Both times, the manager was searched out and something nice was said about the employee.

I love this idea.  This is another example of people looking for the positive and trying to change the world a little at a time.  Just think about all of the people who are anxious about their jobs being lost or feeling burnt out.  What a nice way to bring a little sprinkle of happiness into their life.

I hope you take a moment and check out her Facebook page.  If nothing else, maybe this will give you a little inspiration.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone concentrated on the best in people and looked to improve their days?

Here’s the link:

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13 thoughts on “Say Something Nice

  1. I went into Bath and Body works this morning. The sales clerk and I were laughing because not only did we have the same hair cut, a pixie cut, we also had the same hair color. I told her how cute her cut was and I apperciated how helpful she was in helping me find a new lotion to try.

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  3. I love the idea and just liked the page.

    Many times we only hear the negative and we take for granted the positive. I have so any people I would love to thank. One of those would be you. You are such a generous heart and one who is always giving. Thank you for being you. :-)

  4. What a beautiful idea! I read a long time ago that there are 10 complaints to every one compliment when it comes to business. However, I feel as though people don’t even complain anymore. We’ve become so complacent that we can’t be bothered to compliment or complain. That’s terrible, in my opinon. Turning this trend around in the POSITIVE direction souns like a beautiful idea. It’s also important to do it in front of your kids! What a great way for them to see how easy and valuable it is to give someone credit for a job well done. And it’s nice for them to see how to make someone else’s day!

  5. We went out to lunch a few days ago and had a delightful server. A party came in across from us of about 8. I watched him making the rounds of asking everyone what they wanted to drink. He didn’t write any of it down and when he returned a few moments later, not only did he have all the drinks but he remembered who ordered what without even having to ask. His service was incredible. The manager was at the register when we paid the tab and I decided to take the opportunity to compliment him to her. She thanked me for telling her.

  6. My wife, and I went to a local super market a few days ago. After searching for a particular item, for about 15 minutes, we were ready to give up. Just then, a female employee approached us, and offered to assist us. She went out of her way to help us. We asked for her name, and prior to checking out, spoke with the store mgr. and described how heplful that employee had been. She thanked us, and indicated that the store would reward that employee with a bonus. We went home very happy. BE NICE!

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