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Today I am excited to introduce fellow blogger Beverly Harvey of the blog, Moggie Purrs.  Beverly has a fantastic blog devoted to her love of cats.  Her lighthearted and humorous articles bring a smile to my face whenever I stop by to read her latest post.

Through the votes of her readers, Beverly was one of the winners of The Top 7 Blogs That Inspire Contest for 2013.

Introducing Beverly Harvey-

1.  Hi Beverly, let’s start this interview with the name of your blog? The name is MoggiePurrs, found at


2.  What is your blog about? It is all about cats. Sometimes it’s a humorous look at life with cats, other times it offers tips on cat behavior or cat care.


3.  Why did you start a blog? I am writing a cat book about all the cats that have graced my life over the years. I started the blog so I could promote it, but I’ve found that I love writing the blog even if I hadn’t written a book.


4.  How long have you had a blog? Since January 2013.


5.  Is this your first blog?  Do you have any other blogs? No, this is my first and only blog, so far.


6.  Why did you decide to do a blog about cats? Writing experts always say to write about what you know, and I know about cats. I love to talk about cats to anyone who will listen. I can’t of anything I’d rather do than write about cats.


7.  What has been your best blogging experience? In general it is when someone leaves a comment and tells me the blog post I wrote touched them in some way. That is very meaningful to me. Secondly, I’d say it’s realizing that I have many cyber-friends now as a result of blogging.


8.  What has been your most surprising experience since starting your blog? That people showed up!! Seriously, I never thought people I didn’t know personally would be interested in what I had to say. I’m pleased to know that they do.


9.  Do you have any special projects you are working on? I’m trying to get the manuscript past the editing stage so I can have it published!


10.  What is your goal in having a blog? Its initial purpose was to develop a social networking platform to sell my book, but now I would write the blog even if there was no book. I love having a vehicle to express my love for cats and explain what I call “cat society” to people, and to broaden people’s perspective about cats and their care. It has turned into a labor of love that I enjoy every day.


11.  What is the best advice you have ever received about blogging? In addition to the usual advice to keep it fairly short and post regularly, I heard about keeping an editorial calendar and it has been a lifesaver.

I no longer stress over what to write about because I have it planned out months in advance, then when I feel creative I can write 3, 4, or more posts in one sitting. It also helps me tie posts into the holidays, the seasons, or pet promotional months.

If you have a busy time coming up and don’t think you’ll be able to write as frequently, the posts are written ahead of time, and all you have to do is upload them. I mark them off as I get them done and I gain such a feeling of accomplishment looking them over later. I would recommend this one tool to all bloggers.


12.  Do you have a favorite blog post? I have several for different reasons. The one I thought was the funniest and that I had the most fun writing was No Treats for the Timid .  The one that garnered the most comments to date was Declawing a Cat is Mutilation. Period.  People were very emotional about that topic and the comments are still coming in.


13.  What are other blogs you enjoy reading and why? Wendy, I enjoy yours, of course! I also have a cadre of cat blogs that I follow – not to copy them, but because I love being immersed in the world of cats. Then I have a few non-cat blogs I follow, too, which are usually about writing, blogging or working on the WordPress platform.


14.  Any advice for other bloggers just getting started? I’d say to just get started and don’t wait until you’ve learned it all. You’ll pick things up as you go along. Then read everything you can about blogging on other people’s blog sites! The scariest part of the whole experience was just starting!


Wendy, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by you on Searching for the Happiness. You have been a tremendous help to so many of us out here in the blogosphere!

You are so welcome Beverly.  I have enjoyed your blog, comments you leave on Searching for the Happiness and for the friendship that has been built over the year we have both been blogging.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview with Beverly from Moggie Purrs.  Please check out her bio and take a moment to stop by her blog and see some of the wonderful articles she writes.


Bio:  Beverly J. Harvey lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She has worked as a journalist and PR writer, and is now retired. She volunteers at a local animal shelter and uses her blog site to advocate for the humane treatment of animals and for the better understanding of a cat’s world.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who read the interview and stopped over to check out my blog site. It was a lot of fun writing for Wendy. I like to read her guest bloggers, too, because they are all so different and informative. Great blog site, Wendy!

  2. Just to say that I tried to comment here earlier but I am disheartened to see that it didn’t show up for some reason so I am trying again. Wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this interview, and Beverly, you know how much I enjoy reading your wonderful blog!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this interview…all the very best with your book Beverly, and as you know, I love your blog! Also your blog too Wendy. You have both helped me so much along my blogging journey. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Hello “Anonymous” — I don’t know who you are, but thank you for your kind words! I appreciate you leaving a comment. I agree that Wendy has helped a lot of us out here in the Blogosphere.

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