How Much do you Focus on those Around you?


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Article by Wendy McCance

Keeping with what seems to be the theme of the week, I’d like to talk about the people around you.  I’m talking about everyone that comes into contact with you on any given day.  These people could be friends or relatives.  They could also be the salesperson at a store, the person working out next to you at the gym or the person you are in line next to at the bank.  Think about all of the people that surround you on a given day.

Now, think about this for a moment.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  No one ever considers this, but we have all had experiences where we meet a stranger and find out we know people in common.  If you stop to ponder this idea, it’s really mind-blowing to think that if we mapped it out, we could see that in one form or another we connect to each person on this planet.

There is something about looking at these connections that makes me feel closer to people that I don’t even know.  Why is it that we treat those we know and are familiar with nicer than the people we don’t?  How many times do you say hi to someone in line next to you?  Do you hold a door for another person or even just smile at another person you pass on the street?

Being more aware that we do all connect gets me thinking about the repercussion of actions.  You have to wonder if your bad mood or a lie you tell might reverberate through those you don’t know and touch someone you do, even if that is not your intent.

Let’s say you are having a horrible day.  You are out shopping and get pushy and jump into a parking space you know someone else was waiting for.  Let’s say that what you did put the person waiting for the parking space in a bad mood.  They carry that bad mood and end up in line behind someone with more groceries than them.  They get impatient and it becomes obvious to the person ahead of them.  The person ahead of them absorbs the irritation and it throws their day off.  They take their bad feelings out and are rude to the cashier.  The cashier happens to be a friend of yours.  At the end of the day, the cashier calls you in a horrible mood and the conversation turns sour.  You can see by the example that what goes around comes around.

My point is that a little extra effort should be made to treat each other kindly.  Treating people poorly does nothing more than exert more energy and waste a day that could have been pleasant.

The next time you are out and about whether it’s taking a walk or running errands, think about those around you.  Who knows who will show up again at some point in your future.  Just food for thought. :)

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Wendy McCance

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22 thoughts on “How Much do you Focus on those Around you?

  1. Very, very true. It all starts with the individual. If we can give someone a smile, say hi, ask them how they are, the effort will continue with the recipient, and hopefully continue on to someone else. The ripple effect is true and impactful. I really enjoyed this post.

    This entry actually reminds me of one of mine. :) Come by and take a look if you’re interested!

  2. Nice post. I teach empowerment, and in teaching it I also learn it. I see this reflection everywhere… the things that people are most passionate about [like this post is for you], is what their learning about. It’s how we process life, learn, grow and become. It’s amazing to watch people awaken in themselves, as you are here.
    Blessings be with you, along your journey, and march on brave one…

  3. Great blog, Wendy!! I once wrote a poem about connecting with an older woman at B&N cafe with a smile!! The Power of a Smile - it might even be up on my website right now. I’d have to check! I like to smile at crabby clerks, because you never know what their story is. And I like the challenge of trying to brighten their day in some way!

  4. Yes, you are so right. I feel we have no right to pollute the world by indulging in rudeness, ill humour or any other act of discourtesy or unkindness. Pass the ball of kindness and good humour on, my uncle used to say, and not only does it make the world a happier and a better place, but it really does come back to you. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t respond to a smile and good manners in the same way.
    Lovely topic that made me think!

  5. Such a great piece! It’s easy to forget how we impact those around us who are outside of our immediate circle. I know when my bad mood effects my kids and my husband. But what about the others that I rarely take notice of? I was so happy to read this first thing this morning as I came in contact with someone who was clearly in a bad mood in line at the post offic. As they say, I killed her with kindness. And by the time we were done, she was smiling and joking with me and even graciously lent me some packing tape to seal my package! So I guess not only can we stop ourselves from spreading the “grumpy” we can also help others when they are feeling it as well. Thanks again for great food for thought!
    (p.s. It is definitely my iPad that won’t let me get comments here! If I use my laptop we have no problems! Picky iPad!:)

  6. A great post me I do try to connect with those around me…………..ok I am a nosy busy body and want to know everything…………..I guess that is were my girls get it from………….lol

  7. I had just been thinking about this. I did something just to see what would happen. I smiled at everyone I saw. It may have take a second but most everyone smiled back. When we smile we are giving a piece of happiness to someone else. The best part is, it costs us nothing and does so much to brighten our day and the person we affect. :-)

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