How Do You Deal With Roadblocks?

Road Closed

Article by Wendy McCance

I have always thought that a good way to identify what your made of is to get hit with a roadblock. How you decide to deal with the things that block your way can give you so much insight into the strength and persistence that you have attained.

I began thinking of this subject last night when I couldn’t get to sleep.  I have health issues and I  was really  being testing me as I tried to fall asleep.  Needless to say, I never got a restful night of sleep and have been struggling with pain, weakness and walking problems today.

When I began my day and realized what I was up against I cried.  I was frustrated.  I felt that I didn’t have the time to deal with a setback.  I had work to do and was annoyed that I couldn’t push myself full force whenever I wanted to.

After I got the tears out of my system, I sat back and rationalized what was really a setback and what I could do with my day.  Honestly, I could get my work done.  I might have some pain and my walking is pretty crappy today with a lot of weakness in my limbs, but, so what?  I make a living by typing on a computer.  I have a laptop that I can use even if it means working from bed.  I’m lucky to have theses type of accommodations.  I needed to get over feeling sorry for myself and just get to work.

Once I set up the computer and began to work, my annoyance with my situation fell away.  Sure it sucks to get up and walk around.  Yeah I am feeling sore.  My mind is still fairly sharp and my fingers are working just fine.  I can be as productive as I want with the day that is in front of me.

That’s the thing, it’s up to you to decide what you will allow to affect yourself.  Finding creative ways to deal with uncomfortable situations can only make you stronger.  Back when I was going through the worst of my health issues, I was in an absolute panic.  I realized that a traditional job was no longer an option.  I would have to work from home if I wanted to continue working.  Going on disability wasn’t an option for me.  I just couldn’t do it.  I was determined to fight through and figure out a way to feel productive and self-sufficient.  I just wouldn’t be able to handle what for me would feel like giving up.  Everyone is different and I don’t look at others who are on disability in that fashion.  I just couldn’t accept what had been handed to me and wanted to fight it.

It took a variety of jobs full and part-time, before I realized that it was just too much if I had to go to an office each day.  I couldn’t guarantee that I could physically be in good enough shape to be counted on to show up each day.  It didn’t matter how busy or quiet the job was.  It didn’t matter if I stood and walked around or had a sitting job.  I would go home completely exhausted and sore like I had a bad case of the flu.

Starting this blog was what saved me.  I found a love of writing and an enthusiasm I hadn’t felt for any  other type of career.  I realized I could do what I loved most and I could have success working from home.

I was so determined to make this work.  It was really the only answer I could come up with, but it turned out to be an excellent fit.  I never miss a deadline and look forward to each project I get.  I love what I do and don’t feel any pressure that my health issues will hold me back from the success I am looking for.

It’s those creative moments that can change your life.  Looking a situation dead on and finding a way for it to fit so that you can achieve what feels impossible is life changing.


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Wendy McCance

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  1. Roadblocks real or not are frustrating and I will often have a little tantrum by swearing and lashing out but it only lasts a minute or so then I am over it and I just carry on…………one step at a time…….

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