How are you Going to Make Money with a Blog?

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Written by Wendy McCance

The one thing that always seems to be floating around in a bloggers mind is how to turn their blog into something profitable.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to take your love of writing your blog and make a great deal of money from it?  What if you were able to turn it into something so big that you ended up living very comfortably off of your blog?

I have had this dream a dozen times.  I love my blog.  Writing is all I want to do.  I could spend hours every day on my blog and feel incredibly lucky, if I was making enough money for that to be a viable option.

With that said, it seems that everyone is searching for that magical formula that will make this dream come true.  Many bloggers look into using Google Adsense to make some money.  Other bloggers decide to write books, schedule speaking engagements, work as consultants or become freelance writers.  Truly the list of possibilities is endless.  The part where you feel like your spinning your wheels comes from not knowing where to look to find these opportunities.

I have several sites that I have bookmarked.  These are the sites I find answer my questions more often than not.  I was looking through one of these sites today and ran across a video that I wanted to share.

The video I want to share is from the BlogWorld Conference.  The speaker is Jeremy Schoemaker who is the CEO and Founder of Shoeblog Media.  I found this video on his blog, ShoeMoney.  If you are looking into using advertisement on your blog, this video will give you a good foundation of how long it took to make some money and what work went into the success of  making money from those advertisements.  Obviously everyone’s  experiences are different, but it’s good to get a idea of what could be.

Please follow the link below:

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Wendy McCance

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    • Weird. I can’t believe the timing. Check out the guy’s blog too. He is really straight-forward and one of the best at really stating how to get from one point to the next. :)

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