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Article by Wendy McCance

Today is Saturday.  Like most Saturday’s at our home, there is a lot of activity.  Last night one of the kids had a few friends sleepover.  About half an hour ago, the last child was picked up.  One of the kids is in the garage with my husband working on a wood project.  He’s waiting for the rain to stop so he can go to the batting cage and work on his swing before his baseball practice tomorrow.  I have another child lounging in pj’s and looking at her iPad determined to have a pajama day.  I will be cleaning up the house.  Cleaning on the weekend can be a bit of a drag, but (not to sound like a commercial), with the right cleaning products and tools, it’s not as dreadful as it could be.

This is going to sound a bit wacky, but I love this steam mop called a Shark.  There have been infomercials about it.  I got this mop at Target for $79.00.  There are more expensive models that go as high as $250.00, but I don’t need all of the fancy extra gadgets, or similar brands that use chemicals to clean.

We have wood floors throughout the majority of our home.  We also have a small very old dog who has been having accidents around the house.  I haven’t been this stressed since the kids were potty training and there were rubber sheets on the furniture and races to get a child to the bathroom in time.  I had been using a swiffer wet jet which is convenient for quick mop ups, but sucks for deep cleaning.  I finally broke down when the dog was getting ridiculous with his bathroom habits and got the Shark.

This mop is the coolest thing ever.  It uses water and set up is just plugging in the mop like you would plug in your vacuum.  The mop heats up in 3 seconds and steams your floors.  It feels like you are ironing which is kinda cool.  Clean up is quick and all of the odors disappear (love this thing!!).  There is a pad that fits over the mop like a glove and when it gets dirty, you just take it off and throw it in the wash.  No more buying chemicals or pads for the bottom of the mop.  This thing totally pays for itself.

So here I am getting ready to clean and feeling so much gratitude for an item that makes cleaning less like a chore.  Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but I swear this mop is so cool.  I am in love.

Lesson:  In life simple adjustments can make even the most annoying and tedious tasks more bearable (I used to really dread mopping).  I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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3 thoughts on “Simple Adjustments Make Cleaning Fun

  1. Yes Wendy, My neighbor told me about this mop and now you to. Going to get one today, what ever makes chores easy, I’m game.

    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks so much for taking a look at the blog and your comment. I swear you’ll be so happy you got the mop. Kinda crazy to get so worked up over a mop, but it really is the greatest thing I’ve found yet for cleaning the floors. :)

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