Does Your Home Get a Makeover When Fall Arrives?

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Article by Wendy McCance

The past two weeks, I have been revamping the house with some new curtains, a rug and some accessories.  I have pulled out some soft, snuggly blankets and put them on the sofa.  I have even contemplated paint colors for our dining room.

It occurred to me that as the weather gets colder, I go into hibernation mode.  The house gets transformed into a comfy, cozy oasis with pleasant smelling, glowing candles and the almost daily use of a crock pot.

There is always a throw pillow and blanket to warm you up and invite you to take a leisurely nap.  Puzzles come out from the corners of the basement, set up and ready to work on.

Even our grocery habits change during the season.  The family enjoys a surplus of cocoa, freshly baked cookies and many meals with many squashes.

As the fall gets into full swing, I like to overfill the rooms with an abundance of  items that bring the outdoors in.  Up go the wreaths, cinnamon smelling pinecones fill some decorative bowls and there are candles everywhere.

Music is played while my husband and I drink a glass of wine and do more cooking than we did all summer.  My husband even gets into this dance of nesting.  He likes to bake homemade bread and has even been known to make homemade bagels.

My favorite day of the week becomes Sunday.  Sleeping in under a down comforter, brewing a pot of coffee that is available all day and the Sunday paper while still in my jammies.  A stop by the Farmers Market and then creating a meal out of the items we just bought completes our day.

What is it about this time of year that has me settling in and enjoying the house so much?  Maybe I am ready to have a quiet, comforting space after all of the outdoor activities?  I’m not too sure though.  This last summer I stayed indoors more than I have for many summers in the past.  Many days were cold or rainy and being outdoors in the summer didn’t have the usual appeal.  No matter what the reason, I love this time of year and soak up all of the happy feelings that go along with it.

What about you?  Do you tend to change your home around for the colder months?  Is there something you do during the colder months that you don’t do in the warmer weather?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I’d love to hear what fall is like at your home.

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  1. I’m with you, Wendy, in all the things you mentioned getting cozy and warm. The holiday seasons only add to the comforts of home with the lights and aromas of food.

    • Wow, you do canning? That is truly impressive. I have never attempted it, but have good memories of a friend who’s mom did that each year. I’ll bet the things you cook up are fantastic if there as good as the recipes you post on your blog.

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