You Know You Are A Writer When…

Article by Wendy McCance
You know you are a writer when…

  1. Your daughter says she would be star struck if she was in Beyonce’s presence.  You would be star struck if you were in the presence of Judy Blume.
  2. You read your child’s report and begin to cut out extra words.  You then fix grammatical errors.  Next thing you know, you are rewriting the paper, not because it is bad, but because you just can’t resist.
  3. Big names to you are Chris Brogan, Bob Bly and Jane Friedman.
  4. Every other sentence in a conversation with a non-writing friend is about writing.
  5. You are torn between reading a book and writing one.
  6. You take paper everywhere to jot down notes.  You will stop your cart in a grocery store right in the middle of an aisle to add a few thoughts to your paper.
  7. It’s 5 pm and you realize that you have forgotten to take a shower.
  8. You dread going to sleep because then you will have to stop writing.
  9. Every thought takes on a life of its own as a story begins to form in your head.
  10. You question your sanity because you would rather write on a gorgeous sunny day than go out with friends.
  11. You question your sanity more when you realize that every day you would rather write than do virtually anything else.
  12. You question how you could have lived a fulfilling life before you realized your passion for writing.
  13. You haven’t finished the first book, but you already know what book two and three will be about.
  14. You feel like you are cheating the system by being paid to do what you would gladly do for free.
  15. You feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a career that you love, can do anywhere, anytime and charge what you want.
  16. You wake up in the middle of the night holding onto a thought while you search in the dark for that piece of paper.
  17. You wake up in the middle of the night, figure you have slept long enough and get up so you can start writing again.
  18. You think about your own writing while reading someone else’s book.
  19. You have no plans to ever retire from your profession.
  20. You just know!!
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25 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Writer When…

  1. Fun list! Blessed are you, though, to never find excuses to procrastinate, either. There are days when I write little because I’m either stuck, or it feels futile. Don’t know if you ever experience either or those two!

    • Hi Debbie, I definitely have those days. What tends to snap me out of it is the feeling that every moment I waste is money I am losing out on. The days I do move slowly are the days I begin to feel burned out. I take some time to relax away from the computer (zone out watching a movie or just hanging out with the family). After, I feel much better and can get back to what I am doing.

  2. Dear Wendy. Your condition is very serious. You have been infected by writitus digitalis. A cure for this viral infection has not yet been discovered. You are doomed to write, write and then write again. What a wonderful affliction to have. Don’t you dare get rid of the bug.

  3. You know you’re a writer, when you jot down every conversation you have with your wife, friends, and all those around you, and you can’t hardly wait to get home and start writing what transpired, as if this will be your best selling work of art!!!! “Argh! :-))) Blessings. Liked your post.

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